Monday, 12 October 2009

Dodgeball Championship, Pentwyn, Cardiff, 11th October 2009

Eggsy and I went to film the Dodgeball Championships for BBC Wales.

First we had to get in shape, so we started the day in the gym.

Then it was time to meet the Dodgeballers.

This is our team with the referee, we made friends with her thinking it might help us if a situation arose on the court.

Then it was time to take to the court and play ball. We put on our special tops so we could be easily identified.

These were some dodgeballers from Abergavenny. The lady on the left fell in love with Eggsy.

This team really got into the spirit of the game, I wish we had made as much effort.

Oh and about whether we won or's the taking part that counts.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

3rd October, Cardiff castle with the Stereophonics

We drove down the M4 to Cardiff to do a gig with the Stereophonics. It was inside Cardiff Castle.

This is me by the Norman "Keep" which is built on top of a Roman fort. There is also a medieval and Victorian wall that surrounds the castle and that's where we were playing.

We got there ahead of time so we went to the "New York deli" to get some food. They do some great Hoggies.

We brought them back and sat in frount of the massive stage that had been erected for the gig and waited for our sound check.

After the sound check we went to our "area", which was a 10 minute walk into the depths of the castle.

It was well medieval, I think they have filmed Doctor Who down there.

Eggsy's dad turned up and got on it. He is well safe.

So we got ready to go, it was a long walk back to the stage.

We went on and it was amazing doing a gig inside the castle walls.

The crowd were so so loud. It was a proper rave up. We did a quick 30 minute set with all the party bangers, and we got all the words right. Eggsy even got given a Reni given to him on stage, cause he had stomach acid.

After we had a quick chat with Lee Jones who works for a locally based radio station.

And then we walked back to our "area" in the bowels of the castle.

We had been given a few bottles of wine which Billy poured into water bottles to take with him to watch the Stereophonics. Apparently he was seen stumbling up Stow Hill in Newport later that night off his head singing Irish songs and walking into things.
A great day out at Cardiff castle.

1st Oct 2009, Sunday Sport's 23rd Birthday Party

WE had been invited to the Sunday Sport's 23rd Birthday Party. Only Maggot and Eggsy turned up. Adam and Grayham were going to go but Adam was on holiday and Grayham was scarred about having his pictures taken with topless models after what happened last time.....

They hadn't been there long when Maggot found some girls to talk to.

But Eggsy found more girls to talk to.

It was a highly erotic night.

So the boys stepped out to get a burger. Its a good idea to get some nourishment to keep your strength up in these situations. You never know whats going to happen.

Then it was back into the throws of the party and time to get properly smashed.

As the night grew on people got more drunk and had more and more fun.

This is maggot and Verena, she lovely and is massive on the scene.

At the end of the night the boys nearly ended up on the bus back to Manchester.

I think they had a good time.

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