Thursday, 28 January 2010

Loaded Comedy Awards 27th January 2010

We got up at 7am and met up to go to London.
We stopped a Reading Services to get ripped off. The coffee is not only real expensive, it's rubbish too.
We were playing a few songs after the Loaded Comedy Awards in a small club just off Regents Street in London.
The room was small and we checked it out.
The place started to fill up with comedians and they passed around the canapes. Mike was loving the Thai chicken sticks.
After they had given out the awards to people like Vic Reeves and his mate Bob, Frank Skinner, Jimmy Carr, Justin Lee Collins, etc. they started serving the posh dinner.
We had to go and hang out downstairs by the toilets cause there was no room at the inn for us upstairs.
While the comedians were having their desert we went up and did 3 songs which went over pretty well (Jimmy Carr had left by then).
After, they gave us some meat on a plate with an artichoke and some bulgar wheat. Needless to say, Mike only ate the meat.
Then we went back up to hang out with the stars, well mainly the cast on The Inbetweeners.
Even Joe Mott (not the American footballer, the dude who use to write in a red topped paper) was there, he had borrowed some of his missus' clothes.
The Inbetweeners were safe.
The event was sponsored by Durex and we got given loads of sex lube and vibrating sex devices, so that was a major result!!!

After a few light ales we got in the car and headed back down the M4. On the way we stopped off for hot burgers. We didn't stop long though, Adam heard someone saying he was going to "do someone over in the car park", he got scared and made up leave sharpish.
It was a good fun day out. I shook Vic Reeves' hand, he is a proper wierdo.

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