Thursday, 30 July 2009

Harlow Quattroz Essex, Wednesday July 29th 2009

So we arrived in Harlow at the Quattroz club. We were meant to play a show here on the March tour but Mysti got a runny bottom after eating some food from a local outlet.
Also they didn't have a sound system, that didn't help.
This time though they did have a load of speakers and some even worked too.

They have tree dressing rooms at this venue. Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to smash the place up cause someone had already done it. This is the main dressing room.

This is dressing room two.

And this is dressing room three.

If you go to Harlow and you are hungry, Mysti recommends not to go to this place.

So we were going on stage at eleven. About thirty minutes before the promoter and his missus, who worked at the venue, came and told us they had just been sacked and asked to leave the club. Any way the show must go on.

There was a good crowd in and we didn't blow the sound system.

It was a fun gig and the crowd came on stage at the end to dance.

After the gig we met some of the locals.

2fat was there too, I think he enjoyed the gig.

Thank you Harlow and good night.

Making the video for "Everybody Is A DJ" July 29th 2009

We had traveled to London over night to shoot a video for "Everybody Is A DJ".
We stopped at a service station and finally arrived at the studio at a painful 8:30 am.
Matt "E" Fresh, who was shooting the video, was already there.

So some of us got straight to work.

While others just hung out and looked at the paper.

We had brought DJ related props for the video. Adam brought his MC Hammer rap machine.

I brought one of the turn tables that have been in my parents attic for about 5 years.
I also brought 20 pairs of sunglasses one of which Mysti is modeling below.

Mysti got so hot doing his bit in the video he left a stain on the sofa.

Adam was still reading the paper.

At about 12:30 Maggot turned up.

He even had his own dressing room.

Matt explained to him what the video was about.

And he got down to performing.

While Adam found a computer to watch some porn on.

It was a hard days work but it was fun. I can't wait to see the final cut.

Then it was time to get changed and head off to Harlow to do a gig.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Limetree Festival, Grewelthorpe, North Yorkshire, Sunday July 26th 2009

Good morning!
We woke up in North Yorkshire, driving around lost and searching for the Limetree festival.
As soon as we arrived we were presented with a mass of bread and meat.

Mike was in heaven, he is the king of bacon.

So we had arrived.

Billy and I decided to go to the local pub we had seen whilst driving around looking for the festival site.

It was further than we had thought, but we enjoyed the country walk.

There it was!!!

The young boy who seemed to run the pub had been sick on his bedroom floor the night before and had only just finished cleaning it up. He was also severely dehydrated from raving at the festival the previous night, but he was a nice lad and we got some ale in.

I was told this pub did a really good Sunday lunch.......
This was a lie.

Mike and some of the others turned up and Mike decided to go for an X-stick which is a poor man's Peperami. It was basically a dog chew. We offered Eggsy two quid to eat it but he declined.

After a few pints it was time to take the country road back.

It was actually nice to be out in the country side.

When we got back we went for a walk around the festival site.

We were playing in the Big Top.

There was also a Hippy Field. I got an Indian Head Massage in one of the Teepees, for a tenner from a lovely lady, which was really good.

There were even standing stones.

Maggot got a full body massage off of this man.

He had to give some details first, his address, phone number, usual stuff.

Some of the boys put on angel wings too.

Mysti and Billy got some Chili from a fire truck.

And Mike had a go at the raffle and the tombola.

He won too, the lucky bastard.

We had had a fun, now it was time to do a gig.

The tent was full.

And the crowd were up for it.

We had a proper rave.

I think everyone had a good time.

After going back to the bus and getting changed we headed back out to the festival, which was now over, to see what was going on.

We ended up at a place called "Pizza Slut" and made some pizza and had a drink.

We met this lady too.

I think she had enjoyed the festival.

Eventually we went back to the bus to drive back to Wales. Some of us were in worse shape than others, but we had had the best weekend.

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