Monday, 31 May 2010

Osfest, Oswestry 30th May 2010

Oswestry today.
Eggsy was a bit confused in the morning.
He is wearing the Michael Jackson T shirt I gave him cause it doesn't fit me any more.

Greyham was so confused in the morning he didn't even put a T shirt on.

It was a sunny day, and we had a great space for a kick about. After two minutes some woman came out of one of the caravans and told us off for playing. She said her windows were worth 600 quid each. Lies.

So we decided to rip ourselves off and go to a pub to get a Sunday roast dinner.
There was nine of us so we had to get three cabs.
We ended up at "Table Table" which was quite good.

Billy had two courses for £9:99, with the 70s classic prawn cocktail to start followed by a beef dinner.

I had the turkey crown.

Adam ate his and then proceeded to eat everyone's left overs.

After another three taxis had taken us back Maggot and I went for a walk about the site.
He was really excited that "Booty Luv" were playing.

This is the main stage, we were going to be on it to warm up for Lemar who was playing after us and headlining.

This is the dance arena, it was a bit early and no one was there yet.

Except these two women who were DJing to an empty room (we have all done it).
They loved the Maggot. I saw them later walking about by the main stage, they were battered and could hardly stand up.

We were given this canvas to sign for charity....... and look what happened.

We all went for a walk around the festival and made friends with the punters.

Thumbs up!

Maggot is especially good at making friends.

In fact he made freinds with an all female rugby team, he was having a great day out of the home.

Even Iron Man was there.

We were having a great day, the sun was shining and Adam could wear his soccer thug on holiday shorts again.

Maggot was giving anyone with bright shades maximum respect.

Even Greyham was enjoying himself again.

Then all of a sudden it was time to go to the stage.

Maggot finally got to meet Booty Luv.

Then after 40 minutes of buffeling and after the sun had set we finally made it onto the stage and smashed it.

Thank you and good night, Osfest you were well safe.

We stayed over night to party and when I woke up in Newport at 9am Mike and Eggsy were still up. Mike was looking forward to falling asleep watching his favourite TV show "the Wright Stuff". Eggsy was looking forward to an "Ibiza Monday" which involves being unable to speak or move but unable to sleep.
It was a awesome weekend.

Sunset Festival Wirral 29th May 2010

Woke up on the Wirral and it had rained. Then it rained again.

To make up for it, the festival organizers gave us a bottle of Disaronno Amaretto, it tastes like marzipan but goes down real smooth.

We stayed in the bus as we were parked miles away from the festival site cause it was too muddy and we couldn't get the bus down there.
About half an hour before we were going to play, it suddenly brightened up long enough for us to have a kick about.
We were parked at the house of the guy who owned all the land around there and he had some goal posts and loads of footballs out side his place.

Adam and Greyham were well up for it today.

This was our tent.

This was the crowd, we did some new songs and I think they liked them.

After, we got a lift back to our bus.

Then we got cleaned up and headed back down to the festival site to check out the punters and the food stalls.

We were given meal tickets for any of the stalls but they all only served burger and chips.
Greyham was well happy with that though.
So was Adam.

We met some of the people who had already had their burgers.

Then we walked back through the crowd to the bus.

Everyone was impressed by the quality of the chips that were on sale.

We got back to the bus and got moving cause we had to get the our next destination, on the way we made a quick stop.

There was something for everyone, Adam was happy.

Mike was happy.

And Mysti was in heaven.

Plymouth Volksfest 28th May 2010

We were on our way to Plymouth for the Volksfest .
We stopped of the services in Exeter to pick up supplies.

We got to the festival site nice and early.
It was a nice day so we went to see what was going on.

Adam decided , well we forced him, to have a go on the "sloshy, sloshy puke machine".

He made sex noises every time he went upside down. It was very fun.

He wasn't sick but he didn't enjoy it at all.
The we found a more gentle type of fun ride but they wouldn't let us on cause we were too old.

But that didn't stop Adam enjoying the toys that were meant for the kids.

It was a Volkswagon festival, but we only saw one Beetle.

There was a smart looking mk1 golf, Adam really like it too.

Then we all got together to have some food.

It was from a stall selling Welsh foods owned by a dude called Brian.

When we were done with the food Dipper Nan found the free bar.
I have never seen him so happy.

These two dudes interviewed us for the official DVD for the festival.

Then Maggot started making friends.

We got ready to go on. Dreadzone were on before us and they got the crowd blazing hot. They were awesome.

Then we took to the stage.

It went right off.

We got a proper sweat on.

Then it was off to the free bar.

We got a big thumbs up from everyone.


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