Sunday, 28 June 2009

Glastonbury Festival 27th June 2009

Eggsy and I drove to Glastonbury Festival and it took hours cause I asked him to put the co-ordinates into the satnav and he doesn't seem to know how it works.
When we got there we had to wait in line for our passes.

Then it was time to try and find Mysti and Adam, who didn't answer their phones.

We went for a walk and bumped into some nice people.

Then we decided to get a Hot Dog. Mysti still didn't answer.

I decided it was best to throw my Hot Dog away as I thought it might give me the shits, these two girls wouldn't let me and asked if they could eat it instead. Welcome to Glastonbury.

We finally spoke to Mysti and he said to meet him in the bar in the "Dance Village".

Surprisingly Mysti was nowhere to be seen but we did bump into some more nice people.

This is my crew.

We spoke to Mysti again and it turned out he was in the back stage bar at the Dance Village enjoying some beer.

We met up with Adam too and went to get Eggsy's tent which was in Mysti's car which was parked a mile away.

Mysti was confused and couldn't quite remember the direction.

Adam and I waited at the gate and eventually Mysti came back.

And Eggsy had his tent and sleeping bag.

We went back to the backstage area and Mysti tucked into a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Eggsy went and put up his tent and it started to go dark, soon we would be going up to the "Dance Lounge" to DJ.

We had a small dressing room where the previous DJs had laid the mirror flat on the table.

Then we went on and played some new GLC tunes to the crowd.

Mysti was off his head on Jack Daniels and started rave dancing on the stage.

The crowd loved it.

So he did some more.

We did a good 2 hour set and Eggsy even had a piss under the DJ booth.

Mysti was still flying.


Friday, 26 June 2009

Isle of Wight Festival 21 June 2009

We were on the 4am ferry to the Isle of Wight. We all had to get off the bus, some of us had been asleep others had just been drinking hard.

The best thing about getting on a ferry is going back to the 1980's. Fried food at 4:30 in the morning is pretty good too.

Greyham went for Strongbow and toast.

I went for the real deal.
It only takes like 30 minutes or so to get to the Isle of Wight by ferry.

The next morning was a shock to some people.

Mike was one of the first boys to get up, he went and sat in the hotel and tried to look cool.

I had brought my shop mobility scooter with but the battery seemed to be flat and wouldn't charge up. It has been in my parents garage for a year though. Gutted.

We went to see Fern Cotton, she makes some questionable fashion moves, unlike me.

We hung out in this weird camper van too.

Maggot and I went into the main arena and met these boys dressed as the GLC. They were walking about saying they were us, they convinced alot of people too.

Then we had to do the show, we waited at the side of the stage for ages.

We got everyone to put their hand in the air and i took a picture. Joel Bramwell was there, it was his birthday and he was cautioned twice for weed.

After the gig maggot hung out with Fox Man.

I met some of the nice people in the crowd.

And eggsy met some boys.

After the disapointment of my mobility scooter not working i decided to steal a golf buggy.

Then this guy called Rufus challenged us to a golf cart race, or at least that's what we turned it into.

We were meant to be on the 8pm ferry back to the main land so there was just enough time to ram some food in before we had to get back on the bus.

It took us an hour to find the port even though it is only 5 minutes from the festival site. By then everyone was well pissed up, Mysti was sick as he got off the bus and the ferry was still in the port. The boat people were not impressed.

We set sail and Adam was flying.

I met some people who had been at the festival and had had so much fun that they had turned red.

Then some festival goers shared a spliff with Greyham and 2hats and we sailed off into the sunset.
The Isle of Wight Festival is may favourite of all the festivals, if you haven't been go, its so good.
I even got free sun glasses.

Reading Uni Ball 20th June 2009

We got in our big red bus and went to Reading. it was a beautiful day, Billy was dressed for it. We had a football and that was all we cared about.
Until 2hats kicked it so high it got stuck in a tree so we went into the room we were given and hung out for a few hours. Mike and Adam played games with the food.

They had this massive big top for the gig.

And Hog Roast stalls, Adam loves a Hog Roast.

Even Maggot got in on the act, Greyham went for the Hot Dog.

We hung out a bit more, it went dark, and then it was time to get on the stage.

We had a good crowd in, it was raining a bit.

After the gig we bumped into some of the students on the way back to the room.

Greyham had a good night.

Then we got back on the bus to travel to the Isle of Wight for the Festival.
We were booked on the ferry at 4 in the morning.

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