Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bedfor Uni Ball 19th may 2009

We hadn't gone far till Adam needed the toilet so we stopped at some services.

Mike got stuck into the quiz machines. He spent an hour on one machine playing tennis.

Eggsy bought a child's Frisbee for 89p (not from a child but in the toy section of the shop at the services, just to make it clear), and played with it in the car park.
When we rolled into Bedford the Maggot was already there, he had come in from London.

The venue was awesome, even Rick Wakeman had played there.

The main room was massive and had neon lights and everything.

After the sound check we went to the local tavern.

We relaxed and Mike got involved in more cash based entertainment.

We signed a mirror that had been signed by darts legend Bobby George, it was turning out to be quite a good day.

We went back to the dressing room and to get ready for the show. We put some tattoos on Greyham, I think he still has them on and they won't come off.

Then it was time.

The crowd were well pissed up as booze was cheap.

At the end we got some of the crowd into the stage.

I love a good stage invasion.

Then we went back downstairs to the dressing room.

This is Grace she looked after us and helped us use the photo copier.

I think Maggot had the show of his life.

This is Greyham and Greyham one of them organised the night, can you guess which one?

Some of the boys went to party upstairs.

Balls are a lot of fun, people dress up and then get booze all over their expencive clothes.
Everyone was having a great time.

Bedford is a loverly place.
They even had Strongbow.

All to soon it was time to go.

Some people wanted to come back to ours, but we explained it was too far and we would be stopping at every services for Adam to got the the toilet, so it wold take five hours to get to Wales any way.

We finally set off home.

Another great day out!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Welsh BAFTAs 17th May 2009

I didn't even know there was a Welsh BAFTA award ceremony.
Still we went down to see what it was all about.
They asked us to dress up.

It was held at the Welsh Millenium Centre. They put on a Champagne reception and we met some very nice people.

David Driscoll was there. So was Gary Liniker and his new missus. I had a chat with Gary, to be honest he seemed a bit boring.

Eggsy and I had to do a rehersal as we were giving out a few awards.

Then we sat down for the show. I had to go to the toilet as I had had 5 glasses of Champagne, I'm not use to wearing a suit so i had a bit of seepage.

Then we gave out our awards, god knows who to probably Doctor Who.
Anna Ryder Richardson gave out an award befor us, god knows why she was there, she isn't even Welsh.

After we had given out the awards we went for light refreshment and bumped into film director Justin Kerrigan, he got us drunker.

When the show was over they bussed us over to a hotel for some food and more booze.
It was pissing down.

We got the back of the bus.

At the hotel we bumped into Huw Stephens and Huw Evans.
I think Huw Stephens is scared of me.

Then we rammed in a load of booze and food. Fucking nuts.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Bucks May Ball, 9th May 2009

We woke up in a hotel in Chichester as we had played there the night before.
We didn't get much sleep.

Greyham and Adam looked amazing.
Mike wasn't happy, Mysti had kept him awake snoring all night.

On the way to Bucks we had to stop the van so Mysti could be sick. I think he had severe alcohol poisoning.

It was a nice area too, the people who lived in the houses behind weren't too impressed.

After Mysti stopped being sick we drove on to Buckinghamshire New University.
They had a nice room for us with leather sofas.

We had time to have a game of football.

They even had a fair ground but it wasn't working yet.

So Eggsy found a wheel barrow and made his own dodgems.

There was even time for a few pints in a nice country style pub.

Then it was time to do the gig. Some one went a bit nuts with the smoke machine.

At the end we had a stage invasion.

Maggot made friends and we hung out for a bit.

Then it was time to get in the van and drive back to Newport.
It was really cold on the way back.

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