Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Reading Plug and Play 31st March 2009

Reading, the final gig of the tour.

I woke up today to find Mike balls asleep in the back lounge of the bus, I'm not sure how long he had been there.
We stopped at Reading services to get some breakfast. Mike went for the old Burger King.
I went for the Cottage Pie and Mushy Peas option. It was well rough.

Graham looked well ill when he woke up at 2 o'clock.

Adam had his usual pint of coffee.

And then went back to bed to watch The Peep Show.

Maggot had woken up covered in sweat, he says he is ill, I think he might have pissed the bed.

Final we got to the venue which is actually a rehearsal rooms.

So Billy went for a few pints.

The dressing room had chairs from the set of Wogan.

Bibs came down for gig 98.

Then it was time to put a show on.

Check out the crowd.

It was a proper rave tonight.

Reading is well safe.

After the gig. We had a sweat on.

Even Joel Bramwell was here tonight.

Adam and Graham made some friends on the way to the bus.

And then we went out to meet some of the people who had come to the gig.

Thank you Reading and goodnight.

I can't believe it's all over. Doctor Cum is going Off to Japan with The Blackout.
John the tour manager is off with some American Emo band.
Jay is going back to Merthyr Tydfil.
And we are going back to the Port......

We will see you next time.
Don't forget to get the new LP "ASBO4life".

Port Talbot 30th March 2009

None of the band got up this morning so I went into town with Doctor Cum for eggs, beans and toast.
Graham had hit it hard last night.

Maggot go a new tattoo.

Mike and Adam got up at three. Mike was lucky enough to get some breakfast before we went to Cardiff to do an instore. The LP was released today.

Adam wasn't in a very good mood.

The instore was fun, we did three songs off the new LP "ASBO4life", and we had a special guest on stage.

Graham went back to bed.

Eggsy and me are in a German Techno group called Digital Sex and at the instore we was given a suspicious package, it contained a letter and two T shirts.

Eventually we got back to Port Talbot.

Jay had sorted out a prize for the charity raffle and bought a lovely T shirt with cats on it.

The dressing room was nice and even had an entertainments system in it.

Eggsy and I went outside to meet some of the people in the queue.

Every night we ask for root Ginger cause it is good for your voice. Mysti uses it the most cause he shouts so loud every night.
Tonight we got ground Ginger.
2hats took it home to use for baking a cake.

Pancho from Dirty Sanchez turned up so we coverd all the electrical items with plastic just in case they got covered in faeces.

King Bibs came too, gig 97 for him.

Some new security firm had decided to come down to shadow us. They gave us a briefing and took pictures of Maggot. Maybe they think Micheal Jackson is coming to Port Talbot soon. Either way I don't think the realised how funny the situation was.

This was the crowd tonight.

We had a good rave.

After the gig Mike looked well evil.

I went outside to meet some of the crowd.

This is one of the nice people who gave me and Eggsy the T shirts for Digital Sex.

This is Nigel.

I think everyone was happy. You even got 10% off any pizzas from across the road with your GLC ticket stub. What a town.

Only one more night to go. Off to Reading now for the final party. I can't belive it's nearly all over.

ASBO4life the new LP is out now, go and buy it!!!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Shrewsbury 29th March 2009

We had some early risers today. The bus is such a shit tip at the moment its stupid.
We were meant to be playing a venue called The Butter Market, but it went bust on Friday, so we decided to turn up in Shrewsbury and try and sort out a venue.
We started by having Sunday lunch.

Then we went to the pub.

It was a really nice day too.

Suddenly we got the call a venue had been sighted on the other side of town and we all hot footed it through Shrewsbury in anticipation.

The new venue was "Lloyds bar" on Hill Lane. It even had entertainment.

The stage was small and an odd shape but we were going to make this one work. The sound system arrived at 6 so it was "gig on".

There was even time for a few glasses of ale too.

This is the support band, "You And What Army", they are a nuts mix of rap metal and rave.

Maggot made some friends.

Then he went to Mcdonalds and made some more friends.

Eggsy fell asleep in the upstairs lounge on the bus, unlike him. I think he is having a break down again.

Billy me and Graham went in to watch the support band, actually Billy and Graham needed to use the toilet but got side tracked by the bar.

Before the gig Maggot put on some Queen songs to get us in the mood.

Then we went straight off the bus and into the venue.

The last band to play this place was The Stone Roses in 1988. Apparently everyone in Shrewsbury went to that gig too.

It was so hot in there and was so packed with people my camera wouldn't work properly. The stage was so wet with condensation it was amazing. I could Moonwalk forwards.

This was one of the best gigs I've ever been to, and I was part of the band!

After we had stopped sweating we all went into the bar and had some good honest drinking time.

Everyone was having fun.

Maggot made more friends.

Shrewsbury let us come back soon.

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