Wednesday, 17 June 2015

London Brooklyn Bowl 12th june 2015

Another couple dates and another crazy mix up of foreign larger.
We got to the services and Adam was all about the bargain food.
We got on the bus and waited for Mike for 20 minutes, Billy eventually found him playing his favorite game again.
When we got to London I tuned into some pirate radio stations and found this. We sent messages in to the DJ from Uncle Daddy and he read them out, it was very funny.
After 5 hours we found the dome we were playing in, we still had no idea how to get to the venue and it took another 30 minutes.
Eventually we got in through the security gates.
Adam hitched a ride.
When we got in they gave us some jugs of beer.
And DJ Killer Tomato had a load of chicken.
Then we all went upstairs and a tray with loads of food arrived.
There is nothing like a spread.
We went on stage and they had lights.
It was a bowling ally as well as a venue and they had big TVs with us on for the bowlers, lucky them.
We had a rave.
Adam did all the raps in the right place.
Mysti pulled people onto the stage and we had a massive conga chain.
And it all got a bit mental.
Someone had brought a really small T shirt for us to sign.
Then we went out to meet the ravers.
It was like a stag do, infact there was a stag do there somewhere.
This guys was coming up off pukkas.
There were some familiar faces in the crowd.
And in the end it was time to go, they sent us out with the trash.
Past the giant blob monsters and the entrance for the Take That concert.
We had managed to get away early and drove through the center of London on the way out.
We stopped of at the services on the way home and Killer Tomato warmed up a pastie while Mystical destroyed a Costa Coffee by accident.
Nice one London.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Stroud Subscription Rooms 30th May 2015

We had played in Southampton the night before so most of us were still flying. 2Hats joined the bus and had a box of exotic flat cider with him that looked like wee.
We got to the venue and some of the boys found a place to drink the wee like cider and watch the FA cup final.
 Mysti is still a fish and chip lover and decided he needed his fix. He has had fish and chips in over 300 towns in the UK.
 Back at the place the other boys had ordered the biggest pizza in the world, well the west country.
 We went up stairs and found the quality brandy they had got for us. 
 Then we got ready to do the show. I had to go to the local Tesco coz i had forgotten my leisure bottoms.
The crowd were good. The sound was shite for the first half of the show but we pulled it off.
After the show we met some nutters.
And adam pissed on the van.
 Then we went home. Good times.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Southampton Engine Rooms 29th May 2015

 We got in the van to go to do a gig in Southampton. We were picking up our sound guy on the way. The problem was he gave me directions but he can't tell the difference between a 4 and a 5, he gave me written directions and insisted I follow them rather than use a post code.. After we had been stuck in traffic on the M5 for 30 minutes I called him and discovered his error, he wrote M5 not M4. 

After a long time we got to pick him up and Billy needed a piss so bad be considered jumping in the stingy nettles to find somewhere to go.
 Luckily we found a quiet place round the corner.
 Then it was back on the bus, we had to stop at a Mcdonalds on the way. Weird Al was there too (look in the back ground).
 We got to the venue and it was nice.
 We had a big room upstairs to chill out.
 Some of the boys went to do an interview with a guy who gets people to get in the bath, He asked the others to get naked with him and Graham was up for it but Eggsy and Adam decided it was a bit Weird.
 We all got ready to do the gig.
 They took us round the back. Graham was wearing his new woman's top.
 The gig had a shaky start but we managed to get it back on track.
 The crowd were banging.
 After we met some of the people.
 And DJ Killer Tomato got up  close and personal.
 There were some strong looks there.
 And pop sensation One Direction had stopped in too.
  There were some original old school looks too.
In the end we drove back to the same place in Bath for a piss. It was a good night out.

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