Tuesday, 24 August 2010

V Festival (Stafford) 22st august 2010

Grayham woke up with serious morning glory.

We had got smashed on cocktails in Chelmsford last night so Billy needed a good breakfast today.

We all got up and Maggo and I went and did an interview with this guy with an awesome hair and nose combination.

Then Eggo and I walked over to the Hidden garden area where we were meant to meet some people for interviews. We had tried it yesterday but were at the wrong festival site.
We told this kid a load of lies, he said he was from a red top news paper but I think he was only on work experience.

We spoke to this dude too, he was a really nice guy.

This Brooke Catherine Vincent she plays a lezzer I think in Coronation Street. She is in love with Tinie Tempah and wanted me to tell him. I mentioned it to him later but he didn't seem that interested.

This guy had some radio show somwhere, he was safe too.

Pancho from Dirty Sanchez was in an area too, he wasn't that drunk either.

Then I ran out to meet the boys who were just getting to our stage.

They had walked across from the dressing rooms on the other side of the festival site.

It was nearly time to do the show.

So we ran back stage and got prepared. Adam put a bra on too.

The place was rammed and the crowd rocked it.

It was hot as hell but a great gig.

Grayham cooled himself off, and maggot wasn't sick this year!
We had a snap with these lovely ladies, shame about the T shirts. Carling really is the worst larger in the world. We call it "shitty piss water". Sorry girls.

Back stage and Adam's dad came to say hello

I got a free hair cut (it wasn't what I asked for) and later a massage, but not from the same lady.

Mysti or Boneman as he was now called to full advantage of the free bar.

Then we did a photo shoot for charity with our favourite food stuffs, Chicken Tikka Massala chips and rice.

And then it was time to go off to the NME tent to sign some stuff and give away Pringles and Müller Rice.

There were some of the nice people who had come to see us.

And even a member of a Madness cover band.

Oh and also a woman with a bowl of fruit on her head. Nice.


2hats had spent 90 quid on booze, fruit and herbs to make cocktails.

We got smashed and the boys went of to watch The Charlatans while I went of to stand in piss and watch Stereophonics.

We ended up back in Newport at 4 in the morning at it wasn't pretty.

Thank you V festival!

My perfect weekend!

Some of this may be lies some half truths.

Monday, 23 August 2010

V Festival (Chelmsford) 21st august 2010

We had traveled over night to Chelmsford and we had got smashed. We all woke up early cause it was mega hot on the bus and we couldn't sleep.

Billy started the day with a Corned beef sandwich (made by Adam's mother) and a glass pf piss.

We went for a walk about and bumped into mad Glyn who runs an imaginary magazine called "Culture".

Me and Magpot also said hello to Stevo who was there filming for a youth orientated TV channel.

About 11 o'clock a monster appeared upstairs in the bus.

Maggy and I went to have a chat with Jeff off the telly. He is a lovely boy.

The others did some interviews by the dressing rooms.

Eggo and me went out to find these people who wanted us to do some stuff or other in the Hidden Garden area. We couldn't find them so we hung out with a bunch of cool party people instead.

There was a dude with a weird piece of cloth with a picture of a dragon on it, it was pretty cool, would love to have one of them.

We hung out for a bit but had to leave to meet the other boys back at base.

We had made some special signs and headed out the the arena to walk across to the stage we were playing on.

On the way we made some friends.

Everyone was having a great time.

Some people had even put paint on their faces like Adam Ant.

This dude was well safe.

2hats made some friends.

And I got involed with a bit of charity.

These people were mega safe.

Mysti wasn't sure where he was or what we were doing but he was having a good time.

We slowly made our way to the stage.

We bumped into the cast of TV show Skins too.

2hats did a security briefing.

And then we were there, the Virgin Media Union Stage.

There was still time for a few more snaps.

And to say hello to a few more of the party people.

We made it back stage and Mag had 2 dolly birds waiting for him.

We got ready to rock. we were very excited cause we had a special guest coming on stage.

The place was rammed.

And Titan came on for Half Man half Machine, he had just got back from Big Brother.

He still scares the crap out of me.

20 minutes later and we were done. The gig was ace and the crowd were rocking.

We then rammed some food in quick.

We hung out back stage and drank some Champagne that the boss of V festival gave us, nice one Branson.

Then it was off to the NME signing tent.

Some people didn't have anything to sign so we had to sign their bodies.

Great stuff.

Even Maggot needed something signed, he joined the back of the line.

There was just time to deflower a bride then............

It was cocktail night!

We had all sorts, this is the treasure chest.

Papa Jules is the genius behind it all, he runs Mahiki, Best cocktails ever!

The Magic Number Joined us for a few.

And we partied way into the night!

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