Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mountain Ash 24th April 2011

The only way to travel......... a Dragon Taxi.

So we got in and went to Mountain Ash cause we had been invited to celebrate Jesus becoming a zombie at the Mountain Ash Inn.

It was well loud.

And there was a robot.

This is Dave Double D Driscoll with Mike, Dave is well cool and a big cheese in Mountain Ash.

We had a few drinks, and Billy took charge of the vodka.

Then we went downstairs to spin some tunes and met the tongue twins.

This girl was off her head.
She was found face down in the toilets at 9:30 and was thrown out after soiling herself.

The party was rocking and Mike balls had pulled and it was still early.

We slammed on some old school hip hop.

You can't really see here but some dude started to breakdance. Unfortunately he got some broken glass stuck in his shoulder, it didn't stop him though.

Billy and Mike were having a great time.

The night was highly charged and you could fell the sexual tension in the air.

Even Greyham was having fun and he even got in the mic.

It was a proper rave up.

Mike said it was better than when he went to see Primal scream in London.

These are some of the hardcore ravers.

After the pub closed we chilled out upstairs for a bit with some of the local criminals.

Then we got back in the Dragon Taxi.

And Billy and Greyham had an accident that Claims Direct can't help with.

Mountain Ash I love you.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Kasbar Covenrty 26th March 2011

Woke up in Coventry.
Big G had a ruff night he had been sick in a bag.
He said it was motion sickness.......the bus was parked.

I went into town and bumped into the Maggot. He was on his way back to London to play disco music to haircuts in a London bar.
He wasn't doing the Coventry gig with us.

Then I met up with some of the others.

And we went to the great British pub called Wetherspoons.

For a light ale and some fried food.

After the fried food I took them to see the 14th century St. Micheal's cathedral, which was bombed out in the second world war.
They weren't interested.

So we hot footed it to a pub recommended by 2hat's brother to settle in and get ready for the Wales/England game.

Wales are rubbish and played really bad. They have been ruined by the last manager and are 167th in the world ratings. The game put Big G to sleep.

It was a sad day. Wales played from the back and couldn't get out of their half, but played a bit better in the last quarter of the game. 2 nil was a fair result.

After that we went back to the Kasbar and Mike was confused and disgusted at the same time by the food tray which contained 5 items he had never seen before and non of which he would contemplate eating.

Back on the bus Eggsy had spent the whole day sleeping and it was late in the day now and he needed to get it together.

We got ready, I was wearing one of my favourite shirts.

The gig was banging.

And the crowd were proper up for it.

After the gig we met some of the party people.

Billy hung out by the disabled toilets.

Some of crowd came in their own clothes.

Everyone was smashed.

The party went on till 4am.

Nice one Kasbar!

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