Tuesday, 25 August 2015

On The Bus 9th August 2015

We started the day traveling to the nearest services as no one could organize a meal in Newport.
 Then it was time to stop every 15 miles for Adam to water the plants on the side of the road.
After going round in circles for 3 hours due to a rubbish sat nav we found a road that seemed to be the right one.
 And it was, we were there.
 We got out of the bus and were given food tokens for Glastonbury.
 We decided to have a look round, this is the Drum and Bass barn.
 And this was the main area where they burn stuff and people play with spiny things on string.
 The festival was awesome in a 90s I've accidentally taken 4 horse tranquilizers and the strongest acid known to man illegal rave kind of way.
 We had a good look round.
 Then we got some pizza.
 And then we realized why it was called On The Bus.
 We spent the next 4 hours on the bus till it was time to go on stage.
 And we did the songs.
Then, after, we sat with some people and had more pizza.
Good times On The Bus.

Monday, 24 August 2015

The Kings Head, Meiford 8th August 2015

We were off to mid Wales to do a show.
 It was miles away and Adam needs a piss every 20 to 30 minutes so it took a while.
 It was pretty though.
 Eventually we rolled into the village.
 The had a DJ in a portable toilet out the front.
 And a massive tent out the back.
 We had the pent house sweet which was lush.
 We discovered that we weren't the only ones on the bill tonight!
There was even a bar, we waited to see with much anticipation of Right Said Fred's arrival.
Needless to say they never turned up.
 Me, Adam and DJ Killer Tomato went for a walk and found a Cecil tribute.
 We spoke to Mr Lewis who said he had other plans tonight and wouldn't be coming to the gig.

 Then we went back to the King's Head for food.
 Adam had 3 meals, burger, curry and something else.
 By the tent they had a mobile disco.
 It went dark and it was time to do the show.
 The stage was awesome and the crowd rocked it.
 After we tried to look cool.
 And hung out.
 We signed a towel for this guy who had traveled from Madrid to see Right Said Fred, he is a massive fan. He said it really made up for the fact that they had not shown up.
 On the way home we went to the services.

Lakefest 7th August 2015

 We were off to Lakefest for a gig so we met up in the pub as it wasn't far away.
 We actually got within 3 miles before Adam and Billy had to have a piss.
 Then, in like 30 seconds, we got to the festival.
 It was nice to see Granny was there.
 Mike was happy with the brandy coz it sounded like his favourite TV personality.
 For some reason the style of GLC clothing seems to be Shifting slightly.

And some of the boys tried to recreate those heady days of the 80s when Bros had all them songs out and wore things on their shoes.
 Lakefest had these cups that you had to drink out of, the boys loved them, DJ Killer Tomato still has his.
 We had a snap with some kids.
 Then went on to do the show.
 We did some songs.
 It was a good gig.
 We had been put on relatively early.
 So we tried to tone down the swearing.
 Sadly we couldn't quite manage it as we had 70s Muff in the set.
 Adam had a great gig.
 And Mysti sweated a lot.
 We did some more snaps, these people owned the tent.
 It all got a bit nuts.
 And then we had some hot food.
 Mysti and Mike had fish and chips. Mike reminisced about a happy time when he had fish and chips.
 There was loads of ketchup!
After the food there was some free love, then we went to a country pub and separated into two groups, the ruffs and the less ruff.
Bang tidy.

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