Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Penny theatre Canterbury 3rd october 2014

 We were on the way to Canterbury so we decided to stop in a Windsor Leisure centre.
They have a great selection of snacks that all smell of chlorine.
 We grabbed the snacks and split.
 Coz we were on the way to Britain's biggest services.
 This truly was the main event, food from all around the world in one forecourt. Dipper and DJ Killer Tomato went for Mexican, Eggsy went for the Thai option.
 Mike didn't understand all the food options, got scared and had Mcdonalds.
 We got back on the bus and with in 15 minutes Graham was having to have a tinkle out the back door on the motorway.
 By the time we got there Graham's eyes were proper bloodshot.
 The crowd were banging and the gig was awesome.
 We had some stage guest, no idea who they were.
 After the gig Graham turned into Dave Grohl.
 Mike had a snap with a woman.
 And we met some of the people of Canterbury and the surrounding areas.
 It had been a good party.
 Big up!
 Billy got some women to help carry the gear back to the bus.
 And we drove to the nearest services.
 Where Mike spent 27 quid on the game.
He didn't win anything.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Brownstock Festival - 31st August 2014

It was time to get back in the bus and hit the motorway again.
 And take in some awesome services that sell a wide selection of booze.
 Graham is alway last back on the bus.
 After a fair few miles we found the festival site.
 We were running a bit late but had to do the last mile of foot due to traffic restrictions.
 We were using garden sheds as dressing rooms, we had to get BBC news to vacate one so we could get undressed.
 Some guy on an extended gap year dropped into try and get us to drink some dodge spirits. Of course Graham was all in there.
 Me and DJ Killer Tomato went to check out the festival and found the main stage.
 And a woman selling cake.
 And a party bus.
 By the time we got back we were ready to go on.
 The stage was massive.
 And Billy did some amazing dancing.
 The crowd were going nuts for Billy's moves.
We did the songs. 
 And all the dance moves too.
Then we finished and Graham was sick.
 After Graham had cleaned himself up a bit we met some people who were very nice.
 And had burgers and pizza.
 After the food and a few drinks we went out into the crowd to party a bit.
 Some hip hop group were on and they were OK to be fair.
 DJ Killer Tomato tried to drive the party bus home but it was out of petrol.
 So Him and Kelly just chatted to girls.
 And helped them to drink.
 Then it was time to go.
 And hit up a few service stations on the way back to Wales.
It was a great day out, hope they let us out again soon.

Three Salmons Hotel, Usk - 24th August 2014

We had played a cider festival the night before and we all woke up feeling slightly sideways. I had to get me a Bloody Mary, it wan't easy and I had to convince the people in the place we went for lunch to make one.
 After some recovering and a few light ales we got on the road and picked up 2hats on the way. We said we would meet him by the sign.
 We got to the place and they had given us our own bar which was nice.
 It turned out it wasn't self service, there were actually some bar staff.
 They were laying on food for VIP guest, we went to check it out. The guy in the picture was either out of it or he was a bellend, it was difficult to tell. I'm sure he was just out of it (benefit of the doubt).
 The organisers had given us some sandwiches which kept Billy very happy.
 Soon it was time to get ready, Graham has been working out.
 We went down stairs and all had idnividual pisses.
 Then it was time.
 There was a good crowd.
 We had a good time even though just before we went on they asked us not to swear. I assume they hadn't heard the songs.
 We did a conga chain.
 And got the heel back to the bar.
 Graham met some "work" colleges.
 And we all got involved with meeting some of the people that were aloud upstairs.
 It was a nice bar, I might have my 40th birthday there.
 After Graham was well hungry and he made us stop at the Mcdonalds by the Coldra.
 They were just doing the cleaning.
 Some of the others went to a party at Usk castle and were not seen again for two days. We had burgers.
Massive respect tot the Three Salmons, knows it.

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