Friday, 25 November 2011

Rhys and Eggsy, Children In Need with BBC Radio Wales 2011

 It was the day before Children In Need 2011 and we had been asked by BBC Radio Wales to be roving reporters.
We had been asked to travel through Wales, north to south, meeting the fund raisers, so we got in a fast car and headed north. Eggys took some snacks with him.
 We stopped off about half way up at a service station, it didn't have a shop but the toilet facilities were second to none.
 We arrived at the overnight stop which was on Anglesey and we went straight to sleep as we had to be up at the crack.
We got up and it was still dark, it was 4:30 though. We had a continental breakfast. 
 We got in the van and drove to RAF Valley where the king of Wales has a part time job driving helicopters. They were doing a 24 hour training session........... mental.
 They were 21 hours in and looked pretty good for it, they were safe and were all going for a curry after they had finished. We told Oliver Hides and Bethan Rhys Roberts on Good Morning Wales all about it.
 By now the Pudsy van had turned up and we drove straight to Caernarfon which ha s a really awesome castle that Cromwell never got to.
 We went to the local Asda and met Jill who was a nutter (she is the lady on th right). We spoke to Oliver Hides and Bethan Rhys Roberts on Good Morning Wales about what was going down at Asda.
 We didn't get to stay long and then we were straight off to Dolgellau
 They have some great meat for sale on the high street. We played a really good gig here once (not in the butchers shop).
 We were at Barclays Bank where 200 kids were leaving their toys in the bank over night to raise money. We called back to base at BBC Radio Wales and told radio smoothie, Jamie Owen all about it.
Then we got back on the road. 
 And went to the National Library of Wales which is in Aberystwyth, where youth were washing cars for Children In Need. They gave our van the once over.
 We spoke to Jamie again, I'm not sure he knew what was going on though.
 Another 2 hours later and we were in South Wales at Gower College in Swansea.
 They were selling cake and drawing on peoples faces for cash, they gave Eggsy some glasses and we told Roy Noble the king of beards about it via the magic of radio.
 They were having a right good time at Gower College.
 Next we went to Bridgend to Itec to meet a man in a pink suit and people in pyjamas.
They had raised money by doing activities and karaoke. We spoke to uncle Roy again, if Santa was real (he isn't get over it) Roy would be Santa.
Then it was on to the Welsh Institute Of Sport, Sophia Gardens in Cardiff and spoke to Sally and Clare who told us and the Good Evening Wales team what was going down.
 This was the second or third giant cheque we had seen, we were a bit disappointed that we hadn't seen anyone in a bath of beans but hey, you can't have everything.
 We finished the day at the Royal College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. We were guests on the live TV show at the end to fill them in on the day we had and where we had been. It was a long day but it was awesome fun.
Wales raised over 1.3 Million on the night. 
Good work.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Witchwood, Ashton Under Lyne 13th November

 We woke up in Ashton Under Lyne. It was a Sunday, I wanted a roast so me and Lozza went to JD Wetherspoon.
 After our feast we bumped into the others who had gotten up and decided to forage for scran.
 We walked through a traditional market selling all types of crap like army clothes and fake guns, DVDs and broken electrical equipment. They also sold what they claimed to be old QVC stock. Eggsy use to run QVC in the late 90s.
 By now Ross' face was starting to fall off. The only way to put it back on was with booze and food.
The boys didn't fancy the posh roast at the JD Wetherspoon, so they went for the pub next door which had a slightly different class of violence in the air.
 Some of the boys spent 20 minutes trying to read the menu. 
Billy knew exactly what he was going to get.
 Mexican slop in a bowl.
 Adam did well with his choice of ham, eggs and chips with a side of coffee and garlic bread.
 Greyham went for a rich creamy sauce over pasta, it looked sick.

 It was like something out of the film Goodfellas but with less helicopters and a crap soundtrack.
 On the way back (Greyham was in a race to get to the toilet), we bumped into the Maggot.
 Maggot was hungry, he started with Greggs the bakers and a sausage roll.
 Which he enjoyed in Marks and Spencer.
 Then he went on the the main course.
 A taste "death in a box" burger.
 And rounded it all off with a delicious pint for desert followed by more pints and then a few more pints.
 We were back at The Witchwood, which is a great pub.
Greyham put 14 quid into the jukebox.
 Billy had a few games of pool.
 These young boys came to talk to us about stuff, I think they wished they hadn't.
 Then it was time to get into the dressing room and get ready to play the gig.
 The Witchwood is a great venue.
 And we had some guests on stage.
 After, I hung out with some of the crowd.
 Then went back to the bus for a bit. Mike had cut his finger.
 Then some of the boys went back in to The Witchwood to party. Adam ended up trying to push his phone into his head at the end of the night, he had a good time.
Then the party was over and it was back Port side.
Big up to The Witchwood.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Tivoli Venue, Buckley 12th November

We woke up in Buckley. 
Billy was first up and got his teeth clean ready for a day of beer and football.
 Ross got up and had managed to clean most of the pen of his face the night before.
He didn't seem too happy.
 We left the compound and went in search of a friendly pub that was showing the football.
 Adam and Mike decided to get some grease in paper and push it into their faces on the street.
 Greyham found his favourite film in a DVD shop that also sold things people had left on the side of roads or in skips.
 Billy and Ross chose to buy some "food" from a high street cafe.
 And Maggot and Eggsy got breakfast.
 Here, at a place for the dying. It was like a waiting room for the graveyard.
 Eggsy wasn't overly impressed with his delicious meal or the rust floating in the tea.
 The other boys were very happy with beer and football.
 And even a game of pool or two. The table was very fast.
 Then we did a quick sound check.
 And before you could say "it's twelve o'clock", it was twelve o'clock.
So we went on and did a show.
 Maggot did some shout outs.
 And we all had fun.
 After the gig we met some of the crowd.
 Billy met the girls.
 And Adam met the boys.
 It was a great gig.

A group called Doors Alive had played here  a few weeks before us, they sound pretty good but fake Ray Manzarek was proper fat, not like the real one (I saw it on youtube).

After the gig the guy who runs the place took me up to the top floor to show me the ghosts. Apparently over 400 people had died in the building over the last 100 years. He seemed convinced there were ghosts, I wasn't, but he told a good story. He said we could stay in the building alone until 7am. I decided it was better to go and get drunk.
Next stop, Ashton Under Lyne.

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