Sunday, 14 November 2010

CIA 13th November 2010

We were doing a gig in Cardiff's CIA, so we got a 17 seater scum bus and headed down about 5pm.

The security was well lax, they would have let anyone in, but they gave us passes all the same.

Dainton and Pritchard were there hosting the day, they were also going to do a gig after us too.

The organisers were kind enough to provide us with a spread, and what a spread it was.
We didn't have long before we went on, but there was time for Eggsy to get intimate with Adam, something Adam does love so much.

Maggot did his stretches and we were ready.

Dave Driscoll aka The Mauntain Ash Rapist (he isn't really a rapist) turned up just before we went on, he is well safe, he once put a gun in his mouth to see what it would have felt like to be Kurt Cobain just before the end.

Then it was show time! They had spent 30 grand on a big lazer that was well bright. They could have had Stereophonics or some one like that for that money but they went for the bloody big lazer instead. My eyes still sting a bit too.

The audience had been there since 12 and had watched the rugby and a load of local band so they were all well pissed up, I had a plan though. The idea was to get more drunk than they were and then we would all be in the same boat and the gig would be amazing. I can't remember much of it but I think it went ok. Nobody died, at least not while we were on.

Near the end I thought I would go for a walk and watch a bit of the gig. I took a picture just as this woman put her arm in the air, good isn't it.

Maggot was full of national pride that day.

When we had finished Doctor Cum was in the dressing room. He used to do the sound for us but he wants to hang out with young boys who dress like girls and play crap emotional guitar music so we don't see him much these days.

Mike got his timings right and was flying by the end of the gig.

Thank you CIA, oh and by the way Wales lost the Rugby.

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