Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Nines, Barrow Cumbria 1st November 2013

We were back on the road for another round of hardcore show. The only place to start any tour is a Sainsbury's petrol station.
 After we had spent 45 minutes filling up the van we got in and Graham broke out the Crumpton Oaks! It was ruff.
 Since the last few shows Grahams morgalon had got slightly better and was weeping a lot less apparently.
 We drove for a bit then stopped at the services.
  We drove for a bit more then stopped at another services.
 Finally we arrived at the venue. They had a novel way to get to the balcony area, we found out later there were stairs around the corner.
 By now I was well hungry and crisps and fruit were just not going to cut it.
 So me and DJ Killer Tomato went for a romantic curry.
 I got a call to go and sound check coz we were so late and the doors were going to open soon I had to go back to the venue leaving Tom to pick up the curry.
 Maggot and Eggsy really enjoyed the sound check.
 Tom brought back the curry and it was lush, we didn't bother to get rice.
 Some of the boys went to a ruff pub up the road, the sort of place someone gets killed outside on Christmas eve.
 They were doing violence and karaoke inside and Adam was right at home.
 We all went back to the venue and got serious.
 Then we were ready to get on and do the show.
 Graham was still being serious, so serious he had two cans of cider.
 The place was rocking and Maggot was even taller than usual.
 The crowd were having a good time.
 And that's all that matters.
 There were some good looks out there too.
 Maggot was having a great time and proper felt the love.
 It was a good show!
 After the show Maggot went back to being serious.
 We met some of the party people on the street after the show and I went to the hotel to sort out the accommodation ahead of the boys as the rooms had been all wrong with single beds etc.
 After I spent 20 minutes explaining about the problems with the rooms and being assured they were all correct the boys turned up and we found out the rooms all had single beds in them and we had to make war beds on the floor.
Most of the boys went back onto the bus and partied till the small hours
It was a great gig at Barrow and I hope we can go back, thanks for having us!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Globe Cardiff 25th October 2013

Tom was still feeling the love after last night's gig in London.
 We got in the van and headed back down the M4 to Wales.
 We stopped in a Reading services and it said they had a Gerggs, Adam really wanted a Greggs but he couldn't find it.
 Graham was now dressed like it was 1985 and he was into Iron Maiden.
 We all got on the bus and it turned out Adam had slipped into an alternate dimension and found a Greggs no one else could see, he was happy.
 WE arrived in Cardiff and it was still light.
 We waited around for some young boys to film us for a college project.
 Then went for some pink shots in a local establishment.
 Adam was on the ale.
 And some GLC fans came to say hello.
 Graham was drinking his own urine.
 On the way to the venue we bumped into Big G.
 The dressing room was well small and hot, I felt sorry for the Pharcyde who were playing here next month.
 We got ready to go on.
 You have to go out side to get to the stage, old school.
 The gig was banging.
 The crowd was rocking.
 Spam was there too.
 It was good to be back in wales.
 maggot was proper loving it.
 So were the old school GLC heads.
 Massive rave time!
 Billy was wet through and most of it was his own sweat.
 After we got involved and meet some of the clarts.
 It was all happy days and all.
 I think people had a good time.
 Billy enjoyed the night.
 It was good to see some old school GLC fans!
 Adam was loving it.
 Another banging night out in the Diff.

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