Wednesday, 18 January 2012


We started the day shooting at a familiar place. 
We did the video for XBOX LOVE here.
It was raining.
 Then we moved down to the auction site where they buy and sell the cars. They also have an impressive selection of branded lorries.
 We shot Eggsy doing his raps in front of some of the cars first.
 They have an "Only Fools and Horses" type car there too. We had plans for this later.
 The rain had eased a bit so we did a quick bit of shooting outside. You can see the stereo we borrowed off of Greyham's dad.
 Eggsy did the leaning in with hand movements thing, it looked pretty good. 
I just stood in the back ground.
 Then we had a break for lunch. They have a cafe down at Newport Auctions doing good coffee and reasonable priced grub. Doris did us ground meat and potato splat with chips, it was very good.
 Then we put some light on the "Del Boy" car.
 Unfortunately they didn't like our idea of blowing it up so we decided to get the staff to hang around it with their arms in the air.
 I think it was a reasonable compromise and to be fair some of the staff did a good job of putting their hand in the air. It would have been good to blow the van up or shoot it to bits with a machine gun though, it would have looked well good in slow motion on the video.
 After we had all the shots we needed at the auction house we went to Big G's place to do some shots. He has always wanted to be in a video ever since he watched "Boys Boys Boys" by Sabrina when he was 6.
 Big G was good in the video.
 It was a good shoot and everyone at Newport Auctions was well safe.
Massive respect to Ian from Zoom too.


 It all started in Newport at new train station.
And after a few light ales and a few hours on the train we arrived in sunny Plymouth although by then it was dark.
 They had a good turn out at the local hippy camp and were having what can only be described as an early 90s rave to celebrate something to do with the financial sector. I was half expecting to see the crusty group "The Levellers" in the vicinity but no such luck.
 We got to the Uni and were taken into a small room.
 Which had a flip chart so Eggsy decided to do some pictures.
While Eggsy did a Rolf Harris, I was presented with a bottle of my favorite Christmas drink with the best name.
 Eggo did Bruce Lee.
 Star Wars iconic plastic villan Darth Vader.
 And the West countries' most successful serial killer and builder, Fred West.
 Then we went to make the party happen and play all them tunes and all that.
 We decided to give some of the pictures away as a prize for the best dancer.
 There was som much sexual tension in the air I was almost sick on my own pants.
 It was hot in there.
 Adam Thomas is a big cheese in Plymouth and apparently it's official.
 After we had finished we went back to the small room. 
These girls won Darth Vader.
Then Eggsy and I went back to the hotel and watched "The Great Waldo Pepper" on TV.
 The next morning we got the train home, it was a long painful journey.

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