Sunday, 26 September 2010

Goldie Lookin Extravaganza 25th september 2010

It was the day of our Goldie Lookin Extravaganza.
I had decided to put on a celebrity golf challenge ahead of the Ryder Cup and to put a gig on the same day at Newport Centre to celebrate Newport.
I got down to Caerleon golf club about 8am and met up with the mayor.

We were raising money for Tenovus which is the mayor's charity. We had some great prizes donated by F. Hinds, Newport Dragons and we had some Ryder Cup tickets to give away too.

So we kicked off the day with a few words from the mayor and me and then we were off.

We had a competition to win a round of golf and Alysia had won.

We also had a film crew following the day.

Later at the Newport center we were doing a gig and Dirty Goods were playing, they had come down to play around of golf but they really were not good at golf, they took about 3 hours to go round.

The local councilors and the mayor (well one of his friends who seemed to be very good at golf ) went of next and then Billy and 2hats were the first of the GLC to tee off.

But fist they had to get a caddy, they were lucky enough to get Ashley.

Craig Quinnell, man mountain, ex-rugby player and really good bloke, was next off

Then Cian form Super Furry Animals and Howard Marks aka Mr Nice turned up to smash their balls around.

The weather had been very kind to us, possibly too kind. Greyham had come dressed as a 45 year old German sex criminal.

He was playing with Mysti and they picked up their caddies and off they went.

I had to give Greyham a quick golf lesson but I don't think it helped.

Then TV's the Maggot turned up looking very golf.

The Smokie boys aka "the Adam and Balls show" were off next.

Mike really fancies himself as a golfer and secretly thought he was in with a chance of winning.

Pritchard and Dainton of Dirty Sanchez fame were next up and ready to rock and roll.

Maggot was going out with Alysia and his caddies were Rhys and William.

This is Owen Money, he is a big cheese on the Welsh cabaret scene and does a radio show for the over 50s on Radio wales. he is a keen golfer and I had my Money on him to win.

Billy and 2hats returned and took their score cards to the club house to be checked.

Bethan Elfyn off of BBC One in Wales and Radio Wales was next up and she was going to play the round with her brother, they really looked the part too.

Amazingly Rob from pop band the Automatic (known as Automatic Automatic in the USA) turn up for a round, I was so sure he wasn't going to show. He had never played before and was so unsure about hitting his balls but full credit to him he put the hours in and did us proud.
There were too many celebs to blog about but the last out were top athletes Matt Elias and Jamie Baulch. Jamie had driven back from London to play and Matt is very good with the both the long and short game.

Mysti was nearly done but he kept ending up on the beach, he was still having fun though.

And Greyham eventually finished for 194.

And soon after them Adam and Mike came back in.

Back at the club house the spread was on.

Billy and Eggsy (who was doing the entertainment/music at the club house) hung out with big Craig.

Lee Dainton was having a tough round, he was playing from out of bounds for the 9th hole.

And thank god it was only 9 holes cause Pritchard was taking of an item of clothes for every hole.

This is me and Emma from Voice Magazine, we put the event on (well she did a little more of the leg work than me really).

Maggot made it back round eventually, it was a long time but a good time for his lot.

Chris Corcoran turned up too late to play but by heck did he look the part.

so it was back to the club house to find out who the winner was, by now the spread was nearly all done.

The mayor gave out the prizes and the winner of the closest to the pin prize went to the guy who we had taken his place. It wasn't a fix.

And Matt Elias won the golf, to be fair he was very good, well done son.

Chris decided he wanted to be in the GLC, and we did the group snap.
Then we had to run cause we had to sound check for the gig that was taking place across town in a matter of hours.

In no time at all Newport All Stars were on the stage.

I had caught the sun and had 2nd degree burns on my face but the show must go on.

And it did!

Billy even took his top off to expose his new string vest.

We did some new songs some old songs and we had a great gig, thank you Newport.

Then it was time to party on.

They took the stage apart and we all went off to enjoy the night after such a fun day of golf and gigs.

Lets do it all again next year!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Rodney Parade, Dragon vs Glasgow 12th Sept 2010

We were lucky enough to have been invited to perform a few songs at the home ground of the Gwent Dragons in Newport. Adam took no time to pretend he knew everything about rugby and could have been a pro (he had been captain of the 2nd team at school apparently).
He got proper stuck in.

Any way we weren't there to play rugby we were there to do some raps and get the crowd going, so first thing is first, we did a sound check.

Then it was time to check out our dressing room which took the form of not one but 2 hospitality boxes!

We had a great view of the pitch and in fact a great view of Newport too.

We were given rather fetching shirts to wear to which fitted some of us better than others. Greyham is now going on a diet after seeing himself in a mirror in his shirt.

We decided to go down onto the pitch a practice kicking the ball as we were going to have a kick off at half time. Greyham had never kicked a rugby ball in his life, needless to say he was crap at it.

Adam had a slightly better technique.

Billy on the other hand was taking it all very seriously.

He had even brought rugby boots for the kick off.

Mysti had his own style, well he always has.

Even though there was a promise of food, Eggsy had to go on his one man against the grain vibe and got stuck into eye lids and ring pieces in bread.

Back in our box the cheese had turned up.

And Adam check the stocks and shares with his new Champagne life style.

At 3:50 we went down and did 2 songs on the pitch, it was great, and we didn't say anything about posh spice or anyone's missus like the last time we did something like this.

Just before we went on 2hats turned up and didn't have time to put on his rugby shirt.

Then it was back down the tunnel.

Back in the Box the curry had turned up.

2hats was glad he had come down!

At half time we went down for the kick off.

Billy, Adam and Mike clearly the best but I can't really say who won cause it just descended into mayhem with balls flying everywhere.

The game started up again and we went back for more refreshments and Mike even had some curry (he doesn't like spicy food).

The Dragons won and the sun had shone, we had a great day out!

After the game we went to the club house to enjoy some more light refreshments.

By 10pm Greyham was trying to rugby tackle Big G and by 10:30 he was lying in the gutter singing "It's raining men" by the Weather Girls.
Thank you Dragons!

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