Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Birmingham Uni freshers ball

We were doing a student ball in Birmingham in a club called Air. When we got there they had put on an amazing spread of lukewarm Asian snacks.
It was like a high class funeral and a runny bottom was a guarantee, but it didn't stop our enjoyment.

Mysti was like a Welsh Joe Cocker, he was having the time of his life.

Me, Eggsy and Maggot thought better of the snack party food and walked into the centre of Birmingham.

And went to popular up market fast food chain Nandos.

Maggot was loving those free refills.

So we went back eventually and it was time to get ready for the show. We were only doing 30 minutes and it was going to be slamming.

This is the crowd.

It was a quick hit but it didn't mean we didn't sweat hard.

We dried off and got on the booze, we thought we should try out some of the local drinks....
So we tried the After Shock.

The red one was good so we thought we better try the blue one which was ok.

By the time we had moved on to the silver one, Grayham was serving behind the bar.

Although he couldn't work out how to work the till.

Zipper Zane Low was playing after us, it was good to see him and catch up.

Then it was time to head off to the bus, we said hello to some of the people on the way.

Maggot met a lady in red.

And we lost Eggsy in the crowd somewhere as we fought our way through. All the students were really nice and some of them weren't as out of it on drugs and booze as I thought they would be.

Then we got in the bus and headed down the M5. On the way we stopped off for a late "Newport Sunday lunch".
Proper ruff.

Hot grease in a box at 2 in the morning!

Monday, 28 September 2009


Check out our new web site!!

It's got loads of fun stuff to do. You can listen to all the GLC tunes and buy them too, and there are games aswell. Check out the "remix widget" and the "world of text" link.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

NEWPORT SPEEDWAY, Sunday 13th September 2009

Sunday in Newport at 11:30 AM. There is only one place open to get any food and it's good old J D Wetherspoon. Needles to say the place was full of people drinking pints of beer.
They still do "sausage beans and chips", Maggots favourite for £2.99, a real bargain.

Then we headed down to Newport Speedway to do some filming with the BBC for "Sport Wales: The TV programme", hosted by king of the Barbour jacket, Jason Mohammad.

Speedway is a race between 4 riders around a track 4 times to see who is fastest. They don't have any breaks. I got to have a go on one of the posh BMXs that they use, only they wouldn't let me turn it on. The bikes are like half mountain bike and half lawn mower engine, and they are well quick.

We had a walk around the track.

I "interviewed" this dude. He is Nick Mallett who is the co-promoter with his dad. They make Speedway happen in Newport.

We watched the races and then we went out to talk to some of the people who turn up week in week out to watch Speedway.

It was a great day out, you should check it out.
I wouldn't take a date there and it's no cure for a hang over, but it's loud and dirty and that makes it fun.

Monday, 14 September 2009

BESTIVAL, ISLE OF WIGHT, Saturday September 12th 2009

We left Newport at 2am on Friday night, after an evening in the pub, and traveled overnight to the Isle of White. Billy and I were woken up by Stan, our sound engineer talking loudly in his Brummy accent.

Some of us had hit the spirits hard on the bus on the way down and were finding the morning a little difficult.

Some of us got up and went to have a look around. This is the dressing room area.

This is the gift shop at the entrance to the festival site.

They sold Maddona hats there.

Just inside the festival there was a place selling "all day breakfasts". Now you don't normally see that kind of attention to detail at a festival. Maggot went for the bacon and eggs sandwich.

Then we found the main site.

We stood and surveyed at the festival in awe.

Eggsy hung out with a spaceman for a bit.

And then we went back to the dressing rooms to find the others.

And get ready to do the show we were on at 2:45 on the main stage.

on the way we went to the photo tent to have our picture taken for the Bestival year book.
This years theme was "Space" and about 80% of the festival goers had dressed up in really good costumes. This guy was the "Death Star".

We did the snap.

Some of the costumes were better than others.

This dude was safe.

When were got to the main stage Matt E Fresh was there.
The stage times were running an hour behind.

Adam put his costume on, a Dr Who mask and some tin foil.

Then we did the show.

Tony the space police robot from outer space came on stage with us.

This was the crowd.

It was an amazing gig.

Even Killa Tomato aka Tomothy had come on stage with us.

Also the "Goldie Lookin Ladies" had come on too.

Later on we all went back into the festival site and Billy, Mysti and me spent an hour looking for the others.

Eventualy we found them at the Rizla tent just as the Ragga Twins were about to go on.
The Ragga Twins are awesome.

John Cully was a space cowboy, he is in the video for "Apathy" with Loveeggs dad..

Soon it was night time and we all gathered to watch Kraftwork.

We met up with the GLC's chief of security for the South Wales area, Big G.

And by now Matt E Fresh was flying through space and time.

Eggsy had the time of his life and was bummed in a sex sandwich by some space robots.

Then we went back to the Dressing room area and had some cocktails.

Then it was time to get on the bus and get the ferry home. Some of the boys were in better shape than others.

Bestival was the best ever. Massive respect to Rob Da Bank and all who went and got smashed.

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