Monday, 24 August 2009

V festival STAFFORD, Sunday August 23rd 2009

Day 2 of the V festival and we had traveled overnight to the other site in Stafford.
The night before there had been much booze and tomfoolery.
Mysti had drunk so much he had passed out and slept in the back of the bus.

These were the early risers. They got up at 12.

Mike was the next up.

As soon as Billy got up we went to the catering tent to get some top class scran.
The night before billy had passed out on the steps of the bus and when he woke up he realised he had lost his glasses. Then he carried on drinking till 6am. When we arrived at Stafford he walked straight onto the main stage (which was empty as the site is closed till 12 noon every day). Needless to say security asked him to leave.

Soon the others turned up but the food wasn't helping.

Maggot tried some food but it tipped him over the edge. This was the second time he had been sick this weekend.

Proper rough house.

After maggot had cleaned himself up and had some cucumber we walked through the crowd to our stage.

These are some of the people we met on the way.


Adam makes friend easily.

By now we had lost Grayham and Mysti.

And Billy met some interesting people too.

After about an hour we got to the back stage entrance.

We went to the "Hidden Garden" area to do some interviews.

And maggot chilled out with a head massage.

We did an interview with this girl, don't know what it was for.

And just in the nick of time Grayham and Adam turned up.

Then it was time to do the gig, this is the crowd.

It was hot as hell in that tent.

We only had 30 minutes, we did 7 songs then we were out of there.

Then Grayham and Adam had a water fight.

There was no clear winner.

Maggot went for sick number 3.

Eventually we made it back to the dressing room compound and drank some more free booze and did some interviews.

These 3 dudes were looking for weed all weekend. I don't think they got any.

We left early and decided to stop off for some shit food on the way back down the M5.

What a weekend.

V festival CHELMSFORD, Saturday August 22nd 2009

Eggsy and me had been to a convention in Preston. We had to travel down to meet the other boys at V festival in Chelmsford. We got up at 7am and traveled by train. I can't remember much about the journey.

When we got to Chelmsford there was a massive line of people waiting for taxis to get to the site. We eventually got a taxi with some peopel from New Zealand.

When we got to the site we had to walk about 2 miles. It was a lovely day and we pretended we were in a war zone and we were 2 soldiers marching back to base past the locals who's village had just been blown up.

Finally we found the bus.

We had made signs and after a brief argument with N Dubs we went out to the main arena.

Here are some pictures of us meeting the festival goers.

This girl had a sign that says "auntie Margaret says hi".

I think there is about 75 thousand people at V festival.

We got the signs made by a friend of mine at Oner signs in cardiff. They are really good but they can't spell too well. We had to do some alterations.

After we had walked about we went and did some press for Channel 4 in a fake toilet.

The girls from the hot dog stand wanted a picture.

Then we had to get in a 17 seater scum bus to go to the stage that we were playing.

V V Brown was on before us. She is a nice lady.

This was inside the tent.

After the gig we went back to the dressing room. UK techno DJ/producer James Ruskin had come down to hang out. He is safe.

Then we all went back to the bus to get ready for the night ahead.

After it got dark it was time to head back out and have a few drinks.

After a kick about with Peter Doherty, 2Hats and Dipper Nan (who looked like a Greek sex tourist) decided to burn 2Hats underpants. They stunk and burned for ages. There weren't meant to be any fires on site.

Later we all went to Bob's bar where the booze was free.

People got very very drunk.

We all had a great night at V festival.

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