Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mountain Ash 24th April 2011

The only way to travel......... a Dragon Taxi.

So we got in and went to Mountain Ash cause we had been invited to celebrate Jesus becoming a zombie at the Mountain Ash Inn.

It was well loud.

And there was a robot.

This is Dave Double D Driscoll with Mike, Dave is well cool and a big cheese in Mountain Ash.

We had a few drinks, and Billy took charge of the vodka.

Then we went downstairs to spin some tunes and met the tongue twins.

This girl was off her head.
She was found face down in the toilets at 9:30 and was thrown out after soiling herself.

The party was rocking and Mike balls had pulled and it was still early.

We slammed on some old school hip hop.

You can't really see here but some dude started to breakdance. Unfortunately he got some broken glass stuck in his shoulder, it didn't stop him though.

Billy and Mike were having a great time.

The night was highly charged and you could fell the sexual tension in the air.

Even Greyham was having fun and he even got in the mic.

It was a proper rave up.

Mike said it was better than when he went to see Primal scream in London.

These are some of the hardcore ravers.

After the pub closed we chilled out upstairs for a bit with some of the local criminals.

Then we got back in the Dragon Taxi.

And Billy and Greyham had an accident that Claims Direct can't help with.

Mountain Ash I love you.

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