Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Penny theatre Canterbury 3rd october 2014

 We were on the way to Canterbury so we decided to stop in a Windsor Leisure centre.
They have a great selection of snacks that all smell of chlorine.
 We grabbed the snacks and split.
 Coz we were on the way to Britain's biggest services.
 This truly was the main event, food from all around the world in one forecourt. Dipper and DJ Killer Tomato went for Mexican, Eggsy went for the Thai option.
 Mike didn't understand all the food options, got scared and had Mcdonalds.
 We got back on the bus and with in 15 minutes Graham was having to have a tinkle out the back door on the motorway.
 By the time we got there Graham's eyes were proper bloodshot.
 The crowd were banging and the gig was awesome.
 We had some stage guest, no idea who they were.
 After the gig Graham turned into Dave Grohl.
 Mike had a snap with a woman.
 And we met some of the people of Canterbury and the surrounding areas.
 It had been a good party.
 Big up!
 Billy got some women to help carry the gear back to the bus.
 And we drove to the nearest services.
 Where Mike spent 27 quid on the game.
He didn't win anything.


  1. Looks like you guys are having a great time on the road as always! Where are Mysti and Maggot?

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