Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Stroud Subscription Rooms 30th May 2015

We had played in Southampton the night before so most of us were still flying. 2Hats joined the bus and had a box of exotic flat cider with him that looked like wee.
We got to the venue and some of the boys found a place to drink the wee like cider and watch the FA cup final.
 Mysti is still a fish and chip lover and decided he needed his fix. He has had fish and chips in over 300 towns in the UK.
 Back at the place the other boys had ordered the biggest pizza in the world, well the west country.
 We went up stairs and found the quality brandy they had got for us. 
 Then we got ready to do the show. I had to go to the local Tesco coz i had forgotten my leisure bottoms.
The crowd were good. The sound was shite for the first half of the show but we pulled it off.
After the show we met some nutters.
And adam pissed on the van.
 Then we went home. Good times.

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