Saturday, 19 June 2010

Sidney Sussex Uni ball Cambridge

Back on the bus. We were off to Cambridge today.

It only took four hours and we didn't even stop on the way so we got there nice and early.
We parked up at Jesus College and walked over to see where we were playing.

There was an iron horse and the building was very old. Later that night there was a big pile of orange puke about where we are standing in this picture.

There are more bikes in Cambridge than people.
That is a lie but it sounds believable.

We got on to the site where the ball was being held. They had a Helter Skelter and a punting lake.

Adam found a pirate ship.

This is the college building, check it out.
After we set the gear up we decided to check out the town.
We didn't go far.

Then it was time for a quick game of Lemonsies.
This involved throwing a lemon at an apple. We had been in this room for four hours, we were kind of bored.

We also took some time out of our busy day to do some art.

Then it was time to get ready to play the gig.

It was a mega party.

There was free booze all night at the ball, everyone was in the party mood.

After we hung out with the psrty people in the house.

This is my crew.

These people are french.

At the end of the gig we had a stage invasion, there was no barrier or security to stop the party goers from getting on the stage. Unfortunately the stage wasn't strong enough and kind of broke. Well it collapsed.

This is Green Date. They are well safe.

After the gig we hung out and drank all different types of booze. Then we got on the bus and traveled back to Newport. The sun was properly up by now and Greyham was smashed.

Good times.

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