Sunday, 8 August 2010

Teiefi festival 7th August 2010

We met up at 10am and got in the scum bus as we were off to West Wales to the Teifi Festival.
It had been the Blue Rock Festival, but they had some issues with the council or something to they changed the name and venue.

So we eventually left and traveled down to the end of the M4 and beyond.
We stopped at the Preseli cafe.

It's wicked we stopped here once before on the way back from Ireland. They make all types of food like pies and pizza type things. Mike was very happy.

About 4 hours later we got to the festival site and they had been kind enough to provide us with a caravan to use as a dressing room.

And it sure was spacious.

We went out to meet the crowd.

As we were there about 7 hours before we were going on stage we thought it best to take a day trip to............ Newport.

Not South Wales but Pembrokeshire. It's well nice and it's just by the sea so they have shops selling buckets and spades. We took a walk around.
And found the ruffest looking pub we could to have beer and food in.

Maggot went for the faggots.

Except for a small disagreement about mushrooms the pub was lovely, we finished our food and had another beer.

Then after a walk around the village we went to the beach.

It's a great place, really beautiful and you can drive your car onto the beach.

We went back to the caravan and played a game of Guess Who.

The nice people at the festival gave us some booze and a cucumber.

Adam and I went for a look around and found the party bus.

A wicker fox.

Met some of the party people

And bumped into my old mate Nick B.

Maggot bumped into this guy who he had met in Bristol or something.

There was a lot of love at the festival.

And Maggot was getting a lot of it.

Soon it was time to do the final preparations before we had to go on stage.

Everyone at the festival came to see us. I had a great time, real fun.

We all sweated loads but it was a really good gig.

Then we went to meet some of the crowd who were on the other side of a fence.

We sat in the caravan and drank till 12.

Then when we were all proper smashed we got ready to go back to the Port.

There was just one more thing to do before we left.

Then it was back on the scum bus to listen to O.D.B. on cassette tape for another 4 hours.


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