Monday, 23 August 2010

GLC's celeb golf tournament Caerleon 25th Sept 2010

Newport has a hotel called the Celtic Manor and in 2010 it's hosting the Ryder Cup which is a big fancy golf tournament that all the big name golfers will be attending.

So I decided that Newport needed an alternative that was more fun, free and that people could actually go to.
The venue is Caerleon golf club and the date is the 25th sept.

This is Eggsy with the club pro Jo Pritchard, she is very good at golf.

This is me and Eggsy teeing off from the 1st tee. He wouldn't get out of my way.
Caerleon is a nine hole course and anyone can play so get down there and give it a go.

After the golf in the night we are putting on a giant party and it's only a fiver to get in!

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  1. Boys, I know this is a shot in the dark, but I don't suppose you can find room for a little local band to join this party can ya? We'd kill to join you guys at a partay, and we can play some rock and roll to boot. If you can find us half an hour that'd be fucking awesome. Love you all, ;)



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