Thursday, 9 December 2010

GLC visit The Sun Online

We were lucky enough to be invited to the home of my favourite red top newspaper.
That's right.....The Sun
We set off in two cars with plenty of time to make it up the M4 and across London. We even had time to stop for some refreshments on the way, and this is were the story starts.

We stopped in at everyone's first choice, Membury services.
Greyham went for the full English, it was going to be a long day so best to get those calories in now!

Billy decided on the watery soup. It was a red nondescript soup of the type I use to have in school.
Mike thought he would try his luck on the prize machine. He has pumped over 200 quid into these machines over the past few years and only won a key chain torch (he loved that torch).

This time though he hit the jack pot and won an ipod that can only store 20 songs on it.
He still hasn't opened it, he can't even work a computer properly so syncing the ipod to it will take some time but he is still a winner in my eyes.

We got back on the road with plenty of time and London wasn't far away.

When we got to London the satnav took us straight through the centre and into the middle of a student riot.
It was all kicking off

Eggsy, me and Billy were in my mother's car and I didn't fancy it being burnt out as an offering to appease he gods of education so we redirected and headed south over the river.
Just as well really cause those students are vicious when they have had a few.

After a swift detour we (me, Billy and Eggsy) arrived at our destination and made about getting warm and ready to do a few Christmas songs.
Maggot came down from his North London mansion and joined the tea drinking as we awaited the others arrival.
The others were no where to be seen. It transpired that cause they (Adam, Greyham, Mysti and Mike), have never been to London on their own they got lost.......
So Billy did his own version of Jingle Bells.
The students had won.
The others never turned up, they just kept driving around in circles.
We did what we could and called it a day, no sign of the other boys.
We drove out and hit rush hour. Now not only were the students being "kettled" we were forced to stop in Hammersmith for a dirty burger.
God how I use to love the sensation of warm grease running down my throat, recently it seems to have lost it's appeal.
We drove late into the night and as the sun came up over the Severn bridge we got word that the other boys had reach The Sun's HQ.
Another classic GLC day out.
Thank you Sun Online and all at thebizsessions

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