Monday, 28 March 2011

Bathgate 25th March 2011

We woke up in Bathgate and decided to see what all the fuss was about.

It turned out the fuss was a car boot sale and market just outside the bus. Adam picked up an Eastenders game he had had when he was younger. Apparently he was sick on it whilst playing and the game had to be thrown out.

Mike had been up about 2 hours before and had had breakfast from Diane's.

We walked around the town and found Wetherspoons and all got some food and a pint. Mike had his second meal of the day with a J20, he loves them sugary drinks.

Greyham had the Old Rosie which is stronger than wine and will send you nuts.

Just when it was starting to send him nuts I bought him another one and he decided to down it. This is incredibly stupid and dangerous not only to Greyham's health but to our sanity as we found out later.

Some of us moved on to the Royal bar for some pub games.

By now Greyham was flying through space and time.

We nearly got thrown out for having too much fun and Greyham accidentally ripped the arse out of his 15 year old jeans.

Luckily Bathgate is a wash with charity shops, so Big G and Mystical when on the hunt for some replacement threads as we calmed the situation and tried not to upset the land lady further.
They came back with some rather nice women's combat trousers.

We also bought Greyham some nice cut offs. By this point he had lost control, he has no memory of this and the following incidents in the back lounge of the bus where he threatened several members of the band some plastic fruit.

After it had all calmed down we went to the only place left open in Bathgate that sold food.

Greham was out of it, he must have been, he bought chicken dippers from a pizza place.

Then he ripped the second pair of trousers in one day.

After a quick sleep we got up to do the gig, we were on at 1am.

Some of us were worse for wear and weren't shore where we were or what we were doing.

We got it together and got ready to bring the pain.

The show was mega fun.

We had a guest dancer who looked well razz.

2hats and Mysti really enjoyed the show and Mysti had remembered to take his tablets too so we didn't need to charge up the defibrillator.

After the gig we rammed in the left over grease in the box.

And we met Susan and Charles who had met on a dating site called

Then Greyham decided the only way to shake the pain off was to get on it.
He had a few beer bongs.

Then got on the Jagermister.

Then jumped up and down and screamed for and hour and a half.

It was a great day out.

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