Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dundee Doghouse 24th March 2011

It was that time again, time to get on the bus and go to Scotland!

We traveled over night and got there about 9am.

I went out with the second wave to get some lunch.

Then we did some light shopping, Maggot bought a new gun.

2hats looked in the wool and bong section.

Billy got a new 3D Scareface picture.

And maggot got a new look for spring/summer.

Then we had some light ales.

Back at the Doghouse the others got ready to sound check.

After sound check we were given our own bar to drink in and Eggsy was given the task of being the land lord, he knows how to sort out the troublemakers.

Mike got on the Buckfast because he claims he is a quarter Scottish and wanted to be true to his roots.

Adam had bought a bubble watch thing cause he thought the girls would like it, to be fair he is very good at blowing bubbles.

Then we went on to rock the party.

There is always a good vibe in Scotland.

At the end most of the crowd took to the stage to be with Mike.

After the gig Mysti went all red, his blood pressure is through the roof right now. He has been put on special tablets but he keeps forgetting to take them.

We met some of the clarts.

I was wearing my new hat, it cost 4 quid.

There were some very fashionable people at the gig too.

This girl had invited the whole club and all the support bands back to her place, Eggsy declined the offer.

When we got on the bus to go to the next venue about an hour later Mysti was already in bed. I think his blood pressure had dropped quite a bit. He had taken about 12 of his special tablets.

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  1. A good time was had by all. You knows I loves you.


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