Tuesday, 3 May 2011

BigLittleCity 29th April 2011

The plan was to meet at 12:30 in Cardiff by the old library........
and it worked.

Adam had come in his favourite T shirt too.
We were doing a quick 20 minute gig for the BigLittleCity exhibition and cause Ashli form Spillers had asked me, Spillers is a record shop by the way.

So it turned out the sound guys had borrowed a load of equipment from the 70s and it was taking them a while to get it to function in the 21st century.

We decided to go get some food and we took Mike to a sweet shop to help his teeth fall out that little bit faster, he loves sweets.

Eggsy, me, Mike and Billy went to the New York Deli while Adam and Greyham went to a pub to drink and eat fried food.

After a quick swill we went to check out the exhibition at BigLittleCity.

There are all types of pictures and even skateboards too, it's well safe.

We hung out for a bit as final adjustments were made to the sound equipment, and Billy finished his lunch.

And Adam had a quick nap, he hasn't been sleeping well recently.

Then the 6 of us went on (Maggot is on a cruise in the Agean Sea and Mysti is in hospital having Gallstones removed).

We were only doing 20 minutes and it flew by.
We did some lovely singing too.

Then we met some of the punters.

Some had come to see us others to look at the pictures.

Others were on half term and had just discovered alcohol.

Then we went to the nearest pub and had a quick one, when I left about 30 minutes later Greyham was ordering onion rings and his 4th pint and Billy was singing Irish songs.

They got back to Newport at 4am.

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  1. Good work all round. Thanks for playing gents.


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