Monday, 23 April 2012

Mountain Ash 20th April 2012

We met up at the local pub, Adam and Mike had been there since 2:30 and were all smiles.

We were on our way to Mountain Ash to play a DJ set. So we got in a Dragon taxi!
Mike decided he would rather go to a sixteen year old girl's birthday party so he stayed in the Port.

There was a case of beer in the taxi and Adam told us lurid stories about himself all the way to the Mountain.

We got there safe and sound!

We were greeted by Tony and Dave who had a suspicious looking package for us.
It turned out to be chip butties. Secretly this made us very happy.
Tony the Landlord had also laid on an impressive array of party food so Adam was well happy.
So we went downstairs to the pub and they were having a raffle and it was in full swing, a young boy had just won a box of Forrero Rocher and he was jubilant. 
The Raffle was well good and had loads of music related prizes.
We didn't win anything, even though we spent six quid on tickets.
After the raffle which raised over 700 quid for NNPCC, we got on the decks and played all that music and all that.
The crowd were having such a good time they started to undress.
Apparently this is a common occurrence in Mountain Ash on the weekends.
The party was in full swing.
So we decided to have a cash prize for the best dancer.
People were going nuts for it, someone even tried to breakdance. I have since found out he is fine and got out of hospital last night with only minor lacerations and second degree carpet burns.
The crowd were loving the booze too, this girl was very thirsty.

We ended the night on a high to Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love", which prompted one man to proclaim his undying love for another and propose. 
Apparently they had a shot gun wedding that weekend and are now on honeymoon in the popular honeymoon resort of Abersychan.

Then it was time to say good bye.
Dave got in the taxi and we dropped him off on the way home, where I had a long conversation with one of his wife's friends about how I had been disappointed by the film "Finding Eric", which her husband had apparently produced.
It was another great night in Mountain Ash!


  1. Hey I just read about Rhys' win and wanted to say CONGRATS!!

  2. Fair play it was his niece's 16th birthday! Lol.


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