Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sport Relief March 25th 2012

Billy and I turned up bright and early to do the Sport relief Mile. 
We had even dressed appropriately.

We went into a special tent and were given bags with T shirts and bits of paper with our names on them.

This is Mel Walters, she got us involved in Sport Relief. 
She was on Gavin and Stacey (I still haven't watched it) and she is well safe!
 They were sending the runners off in waves every hour, I think we were running in the third wave.
Adam Hussain turned up fashionably late as usual.

He had some trouble getting his look together so he asked Danny to help him out.
Then it was time to limber up as we were going to start in two minutes.
Wynne Evans was running too, he is one of the nicest dudes in the world (he does the Go Compare adverts).
Mel had the horn and got ready to blow it and start the race.

Adam made some friends. 
This guy was in an ill fitting mankini. I was unlucky enough to see him fall out of the side of it too, it looked like road kill and I can still see it if I close my eyes. It will haunt me forever.
 Then Adam, me and Billy.
 And we went to the starting line for the off.
There was about 35,000 people behind us all ready to run either one, three or six miles.
 And then we were off. 
Adam and Billy were doing the three mile run.

And so was I.

Until I saw this, it's not a castle it's a pub, and it was half way round the circuit.

So, feeling a little warm, I thought better take on some fluids.

 I could feel my hamstrings pulling up as well so I sat outside for a while to drink the fluids. 
I saw Adam as he went round for the second time.
There were some awesome people doing the run but I think this guy might just have been lost. 

 Adam came round for the last time and I joined him for a sprint finish which I won.
Then Billy came in just after.

Billy was felling the burn. 
We were all winners and it had been an amazing buzz to be part of such an awesome day.

We went back to the tent and they had put a spread on. Happy days.
Massive thanks to Sport Relief and all who organised and took part.
See you next time and P.S. don't put a pub on the route next time.


  1. Excellent effort and great pictures, looks like you all had a great time while raising a bit of money...well done! ;-)

  2. So good to see a new post! :)


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