Saturday, 7 September 2013

V Festival 17th August 2013

We woke up in Reading services Travel Lodge.
 Which meant we were only a few steps away from fried food! very expensive fried food.
 Grayham was in bits but he was happy to spend 14.99 on breakfast.
 Things started to look up when we got to the festival site, they were doing posh cocktails and they were free too! Mike Balls was very happy.
 Some people who are in love with Adam had spent time making him a T Shirt. Adam secretly loved the shirt and had been wearing it for a week solid, amazingly it didn't smell too bad.
 We had a dangerous game of football and nearly took out someone's laptop.
 Then we got our signs out and got ready to go out into the crowd.
 First we went to the "press" area where all the students and blaggers hang out.
 These girls were pretending to work for some fake online magazine.
 We did bump into one actual journalist.
 Then we hit the crowds.
 We bumped into someone with an ebay account.
 People were having a good time even if james were playing.
 Mike was leading the line.
 Some people had actually left Wales and come to England for the festival.
 We were sending out a clear message to all the party people.
 It looked like Eggsy's dream was going to come true as well.
 Mystical met some ladies who scarred the shit out of him.
 And we met some women who had reached their limits but were still keen to drink to the point where they could be sick at any moment.
 We got back stage and got the costumes on, maggot was dressing as Vanilla Ice.
 Then we did the show.
 Some people turned up too which was nice.
 There were a lot of randoms on stage at the end.
 But we still busted out the human pyramid.
 Then in true GLC style, we got in a van.
 Back at the compound Maggot fell in love.
 And we drank some Asti Spumante.
 As it was free Grayham decided to try and make himself look really cool with a posh hair cut.
 And the other boys went and stole a load of food from the catering tent.
 Then it was time to get back on the free cocktails and try to get spread the herpes around.
 Mystical had such a great time he started giving out free lap dances. Mike was having such a good time he started paying for them.
Then we all got in a bus and went to a travel lodge. Good times.

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