Saturday, 7 September 2013

V Festival 18th August 2013

Day 2 of V Festival and we were in a Travel Lodge out side Bedford. They had a Little Chef which was good but a bit pricy.
 Maggot was happy and that's all that counts in this game.
 As usual Grayahm ripped himself off.
 We went straight to the festival site and went out into the crowd.
 Billy Webb and Dci Burnside were leading the charge.
 Mystical was happy to see a plastic penis.
 There was a proper party vibe in effect.
 When you are paying 4 quid for some flat Carling you know you are having a good time. 
 Adam's cousin was there too.
 Mike Balls specifically asked for this sign to be made but was too scared to carry it.
 Eventually we reached the stage and got mentally focused and ready to smash it.
 At was another fair crowd.
 They seemed to be having an OK time of it.
 Adam did the "feed the chickens" dance and they went nuts!
 After, we were invited to sign the cast of a girl who had "fallen down the stairs".
 It was all too much for 2hats.
 Back at the compound Maggot put himself back together and had a few pints of wine.
 Billy went to catering and had 3 dinners.
 We had to wait 45 minutes, when we went to leave, beacuse they had to lube up Beyone and put her in a wheel barrow to get her to the main stage. Apparently the stench coming off her was outrageous, like gone off milk. She never washes her stage costumes apparently.
We eventually made it out of there, Billy was mega happy coz he had had the last laugh. He had got take out from catering.

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