Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sheffield Corperation 7th November Sheffield 2013

Another run of dates saw us up bright and early again. DJ Killer Tomato had brought a flask of hot whiskey with him.
After an hour of buffling they all got on the bus.
Eggys who was really feeling the out door spirit thought he would bring a tent and a sleeping bag, he couldn't get the tent up in the van though.
1st stop was the services.
Where Adama had bought his DOPE cap earlier in the tour.
Then they went to another services.

 And one more for good luck.
 Seven hours later they got to Sheffield.
 Maggot went straight for a romantic meal as he had had gastric flu and hadn't eaten for three days, he had lost a quarter of his body weight.
 Back at the venue Eggs had a desk and some bananas.
 And some people came back to give Graham a gold stereo, he was well happy.
 Then, after Maggot's food had gone down and Graham had had nine ciders, it was time to go on.
 Mike did some raps.
 And so did Maggot.
 It was a good gig.
 People liked it, some had traveled miles to see us.
 It was shaping up to be a good night and Mike even pulled.
 They met some men and one had a beard.
 Graham was really happy to be alive.
 Adam sat in the office and put the world to rights over a can of Red Stripe.
 Then they got in the van.
 And went to Sheffield's finest Travelodge.
 And stayed up till the small hours feasting on fine wine and high class foods from around the world!
Good times!


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  2. Hey I hope you guys find the time to update again soon, I always love seeing the photo updates since I haven't had a chance to see you guys in person! (I'm in the States)


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