Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Keele SU january 29th 2014

 The fun and games began with Killer Tomato having a 3 course meal at the Ridgeway.
Then we all got in the van and it kicked off coz Billy had brought 24 bottles of Old Rosie. If you haven't tried it don't start drinking it at 9am on your wedding day, it won't end well.
 Before you could say "get me a motorway breakfast", we were having a motorway breakfast.
 Graham The Bear took his outside and asked the driver to flatten it by reversing over it.
 Mike lost 16 quid trying to win a minor prize.
 And we got back in the van and went to Keele Uni, which we had played before but no one could really remember.
 They had Kettle chips, Mike had never seen them before and he tried to boil them up and make tea out of them. It wasn't bad actually.
 DJ Killer Tomato showed us how to scratch.
 And finger.
 We did a sound check and all agreed the sound was OK.
 We weren't on till like 2:30am or something so the Uni ordered us 20 Domino's pizzas. we ate every one.
 Adam had Plop Trumps for Christmas, Mysti was loving it.
 Then we all got into some brightly colored leisure wear.
 And got ready to do some raps.
 Eggsy got us in the mood by drawing us a picture.
 And then it was time.
 A lot of the students had mobile phones for Christmas and were keen to show them off.
 We did the songs and Graham went all Third Reich which was different.
 Graham had a wicked time and was of to put and end to the Weimar Republic.
 After the gig we ate the boxes the pizzas came in coz we were smashed.
 There was sex in the air that night.
Thanks Keele!

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