Monday, 1 September 2014

V Festival Hyland Park 17th August 2014

We woke up early in a hotel somewhere after playing V festival in Stafford the night before.
 There was a posh supermarket round the corner doing a reasonably priced breakfast so we got well involved.
 We were in a bit of a rush so Eggsy decided to go and buy some Hi-Tec shoes across the other side of the town.
 And bang! we were at the services.
Then we drove for a bit and hit up South Mimms!
 It wasn't long before we were at the festival site, you can tell when you are getting near coz it's crawling with coppers.
As soon as be got back stage Mike Balls got the cocktails going!
 We spoke to a few people about stuff.
 Some of the boys stayed in the cabin trying to save energy for the show.
 Graham decided to get a haircut.
 DJ Killer Tomato met his favourite drum and bass singer Miss Becky Hill, he is in love with her.
 Then it was time to get involved and go find the stage.
 We went out into the crowd and met some heads.
 I think Oasis had just played or something.
 We were having a great time meeting the festival goers.
 Then, all of a sudden, it was all code red. The security guards, not happy with not actually being the real police, decided it was 1980 again and put us on lock down.
 After a few words they called base and confiscated our signs coz they thought we might cause a riot.
I felt incredibly sorry for these people.
 It didn't really matter coz there was more of us that there was of them and some of us ran away!
 We carried on our way to the stage.
 There was a lot of love out there.
 There were some good looks out there too.
 We made it to the stage just in time.
 Even one of our signs made it too, rescued by a Mr Paul Daniels (not the magic one)
 Eggsy had put his all green outfit on and the crowd loved it.
 We even got them to do the conga, a bit.
 The crowd at V are always pretty good.
 And then it was done.
 All over as quick as it had begun.
 Then it was time to get smashed. Back at the back stage area we got a bloke to pour a bottle of sparkling wine into a bucket of piss.
 And then we got graham to drink it!
 It got late, stuff happened.
 It turns out it was all worth it, I found this on the internet the next day.
Finally we have been mentioned by someone in the same breath as TVs Joe Swash!

YES! !!

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