Sunday, 7 September 2014

Witcombe Cider festival 23rd August 2014

 We were playing in Gloucestershire, so we didn't have to travel far.
I met up late afternoon with DJ Killer Tomato who had had an operation on his foot to remove a thing.
 We were hungry and it was time for curry.
 So we banged one in real quick.
 We met the others and went straight to the services on the M5.
 The journey took no time and soon we were on site in a tent, Eggsy was well happy.
 Me and DJ Killer Tomato felt well ripped off when we saw the luxury sandwiches they had provided.
 We signed some stuff.
 And went off to explore.
 There was a huge tent full of ciders from around the world.
 Adam took control and went to get him and Graham some cider.
 It turn out Adam hadn't chosen wisely.
 They didn't like the cider and said it tasted like fish and arse so Graham left them by the bin.
In fact because most people were on the cider the whole place smelt pretty much of strong apple farts.
Everyone else was enjoying the cider though, I think they are just too used to Strongbow.
Graham found the stage.
 We bumped into some people.
 And I had a snap with a lady who had taken a photo of me and her ten years ago.
She looked a lot older where as I have hardly changed, in fact I actually look younger than I did ten years ago.
 Adam and Mike found the dodgems which were blasting out the usuall crap house music you only hear at fair grounds, I have no clue where they get it, maybe they make it themselves. 
There were some boys hanging out at the dodgems who were throwing bottles at the people doing the Zorbing so I went back to the tent.
 Where Eggsy had been talking to this woman about camper vans for two hours, apparently she has had the same one since 1986.
 It got dark and the Scratch Perverts went on the decks.
 We got ready to go on and some competition winners came to say hello.
Mike was well excited.
We spoke to a lady called Sharron for a bit, who was pretending to work for Radio One.
 Then it was time.
 It was a cider rave!
 And the second best gig we have done on the back of a flat bed lorry.
 After the gig Graham and Adam had turned into The Krankies.
 And we met some more of the people who had come to drink cider and see us.
 It was a great festival.
 Just as it all started to get a bit weird, we made our excuses and left.
 By now the services were closed and it was only WHSmiths that was open.
 It was only 60 miles to Newport but Little Kelly Jones had to have three pisses out of the window on the way.
Thanks you Witcombe Cider Festival.

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  1. Always glad to see an update! I'm hoping to go to Wales next summer and catch you guys performing but for now it's nice to see the tour stuff here! Also, I feel like that pic next to the port-a-potty would be a great album cover.


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