Sunday, 10 May 2009

Bucks May Ball, 9th May 2009

We woke up in a hotel in Chichester as we had played there the night before.
We didn't get much sleep.

Greyham and Adam looked amazing.
Mike wasn't happy, Mysti had kept him awake snoring all night.

On the way to Bucks we had to stop the van so Mysti could be sick. I think he had severe alcohol poisoning.

It was a nice area too, the people who lived in the houses behind weren't too impressed.

After Mysti stopped being sick we drove on to Buckinghamshire New University.
They had a nice room for us with leather sofas.

We had time to have a game of football.

They even had a fair ground but it wasn't working yet.

So Eggsy found a wheel barrow and made his own dodgems.

There was even time for a few pints in a nice country style pub.

Then it was time to do the gig. Some one went a bit nuts with the smoke machine.

At the end we had a stage invasion.

Maggot made friends and we hung out for a bit.

Then it was time to get in the van and drive back to Newport.
It was really cold on the way back.

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  1. Maggot looks chuffed to fuck with his pint fairplay....gotta love him :) Poor poor wasn't jokin' Rhys when u twittered Mysti was sick in his mouth Lol! Lovin Eggsy's Elephant Man look...toasty as fuck! Safe pics :) X


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