Monday, 4 May 2009

Rhys and Eggsy DJ, Iron Works, Oswestry 3rd May 2009

Eggsy and I were Djing in the Iron Works in Oswestry.
We drove up and trusted the sat-nav and it worked.
We ended up meeting some people in a hotel and they then took us round the corner and down this dark alley way.
We went into this club and up the stairs and there was this amazing room.
There was this band playing, they looked like an American college band.

Then the sax player did "bullet in the head" by Rage Against the Machine.
The drummer was well safe, he took his top off too.

Then we went on and played some records, these are some of the girls.

It was going off.

I made friends.

And so did Eggsy.

It was pretty wild.

This is Hanna, she is nuts. I played "we are the world" as the last song and she sang all the words on the mic.

After we all went out side and hung out like school break time.

Then even later we went to get some high quality food products. Unfortunately we couldn't find any as it was so late so we went here to Pizza Bella (don't let the name fool you).

They had various machines to torture food and try to make it look good for human consumption. I was really unsure about it.

I got chips with cheese, I was told once that chips are cooked in fat at 400 degrees and that should kill anything. I thought tonight that might include me so i didn't eat much.

I left Eggsy in his room about three thirty with his Hawaiian burger.
He looked so happy.

He didn't look like that when i woke him up at ten the next morning.

We had an awesome night out, thanks to Matt Dyke. Oswestry is a wonderful place, go there but take a snack with you.


  1. That looked mental! Can someone tell me where Oswestry is!!!!
    I like Hawiaan Burgers too :)

  2. I used to live there and the apres-pub services are best avoided. You can get very very very drunk there though so who cares?!


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