Sunday, 10 May 2009

University of Chichester, 8th May 2009

We were meant to meet up at 11 in the morning to go to Chichester to play a Uni ball.
As luck would have it half the boys didn't turn up till 12, by then the Slow Boat had opened. The Slow Boat do the best curry sauce in the world, there is nothing else like it.

It only took like two hours to get to Chichester so we were well early but it didn't matter cause it had turned into a really nice day. We had time to play some football.

Eggsy and Greyham tried to set up some camping equipment.

There was time for a few games of pool.

And there was even time for a spot of sun bathing.
All the hanging about made Adam go a bit nuts.

He put a bin on his head.

Then ripped his way out of it.

At last it was time to do the gig.

After some of the boys went outside to smoke and met this lady, she told the boys she has very long vaginal lips and it looks like she has a penis.

DJ Luck and MC Neat were meant to be DJing after we had played but they didn't turn up for some reason so we went on and played some tunes.

Eggsy got on the mic.

The crowd loved the tunes.

We even had a prize for the best dancer.

Greyham had a loverly time.

And Eggsy made some new friends too.

Then we went off to a hotel to stay the night as we were playing in Bucks the following night.


  1. Check out the bird-bloke behind Gray! Wicked :) Nice to see Adam's bin goin' mad again....bin..get it *guffaw* Safe pics X


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