Thursday, 17 September 2009

NEWPORT SPEEDWAY, Sunday 13th September 2009

Sunday in Newport at 11:30 AM. There is only one place open to get any food and it's good old J D Wetherspoon. Needles to say the place was full of people drinking pints of beer.
They still do "sausage beans and chips", Maggots favourite for £2.99, a real bargain.

Then we headed down to Newport Speedway to do some filming with the BBC for "Sport Wales: The TV programme", hosted by king of the Barbour jacket, Jason Mohammad.

Speedway is a race between 4 riders around a track 4 times to see who is fastest. They don't have any breaks. I got to have a go on one of the posh BMXs that they use, only they wouldn't let me turn it on. The bikes are like half mountain bike and half lawn mower engine, and they are well quick.

We had a walk around the track.

I "interviewed" this dude. He is Nick Mallett who is the co-promoter with his dad. They make Speedway happen in Newport.

We watched the races and then we went out to talk to some of the people who turn up week in week out to watch Speedway.

It was a great day out, you should check it out.
I wouldn't take a date there and it's no cure for a hang over, but it's loud and dirty and that makes it fun.

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