Monday, 7 September 2009

STROUD FRINGE FESTIVAL, Friday September 4th 2009

We were doing a gig in Stroud, so we got there early to make a day of it.

They have some of the best charity shops in the country, apparently there are 15.
Grayham found this amazing jacket and had to try it on.

And he only went and bought it. 25 quid, not bad even if it does make him look like an 80s sex criminal. He also looks a bit like Rocky from the TV show "Boon".

There was meant to be a festival on and some workshy types had set up an "Alice In Wonderland" themed area in a church. It looked like a cover for some sort of illegal sex and drugs party to me.

You had to have a carrot to get in and had to go through the hole / astro turf tunnel.
We made our excuses and left.

We fancied a beer so we went to a shit pub with the smallest beer garden in the world.

We drank up quick and bumped into these lovely girls.

We went back to check on Dr Cum's progress with the sound. Needless to say he was a long way off from doing a sound check.

So we thought we would try another pub.

I think everyone was having fun. Well I was anyway.

After a few we went back to the venue. This is us with the support act "I killed Terry Wogan", they warmed the crowd up good for us.

Then it was time.

The people in Stroud are mental.
We met one woman who couldn't speak and was proper stuck in a K hole.

It was a great gig and Mike Balls was sick on stage and had to go and recuperate after seeing St John Ambulance.
Martin was there too.

Then we had to spit. We met some people out side.

Maggot made some new friends. I think it is fair to say we were all shitted by the time we got in the bus to go home.

Thank you Stroud.

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  1. Was great catching up with u and thnx for the pic on the blog :) Get yer arses to a gig in Wales soon!


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