Tuesday, 1 September 2009

MEGADAY, CAERPHILLY, Saturday August 29th 2009

Cearphilly is a lovely place.
Apparently we are only the second band to every play here, the first was the Sex Pistols in the 70s.
We were in the Rugby club, so we got into the 70s drinks.

Some of the boys watched the football in the bar.

Then we decided to walk around the site. Mega Day was set up about 15 years ago to help raise needed funds for the Velindre Hospital cancer appeal.

We said hello to some of the people there.

Then Adam saw the Bucking Bronco.

He had to have a go. At first he was quite good.

Then it all went tits up, but he got his quid fifty's worth.

We met some more of the party goers.

There was even a fake GLC there.

And Spam too.

Adam went back to the bar to get on it.

And eggsy bumped into Irushforth.

Then after having a load of 70s drinks we got ready to party.

The gig was inside a tent and everyone had a great time especially the men dressed as women (even if they did get thrown out for fighting).

It was hot as hell, Maggot lost two thirds of his body weight.

Then we drank some more 70s booze and got in the bus and drove home singing old Max Boyce songs.

Good times!!!

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