Wednesday, 25 November 2009

London, 23rd November 2009

Eggsy and me went up to the music capital of the western hemisphere, London.
We are about to go on tour in December and have an interactive single out on december 13th, so we went to tell some people about it.
We first met this greasy metaler who was from Front Magazine. Some of the pictures in that mag are crazy.

Then we went to hang out with some of the girls who work at ITN.
They were very excited about Christmas.

We were going to do a special acoustic Megamix, just Eggsy and me so we brought a Ghetto Blaster to play the backing track on. We borrowed it off of Grayham's dad as all the Ghetto Blasters we have had over the years seem to be fucked.

We did the ten minute Megamix on some steps as some builders loaded some stuff onto a lorry.
It was wicked.

The builders seemed to enjoy it and so did the nice people who filmed it.

Then we were told he had to stay up in London cause we were going to do a TV show with Ian Wright the next day. So we wandered around London for two hours wondering what to do as someone tried to book us a hotel.
Eventually we just decided to go to the Columbia Hotel on Bayswater road. If you ever need to stay in London stay at the Columbia its the funniest hotel in the world.

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