Wednesday, 25 November 2009

MAGGOT MISSON, November 25th 2009

Maggot's Mission

The BBC in Wales took Maggot of filming for a few days to make him into an eco-explorer.
They did this by dressing him up as an alcoholic caveman.

They also thought he would look good as the popular war time cartoon hero James Bigglesworth, better know as "Biggles"
There was a film called "Biggles: Adventures in Time" that came out in 1986. The sound track is really good. Peter Cushing was in it too.

Towards the end of the filming the people from the BBC decided that Maggot didn't look silly enough, so they put him in this costume and sent him onto the streets.
I actually think it suits him.

Unfortunately they didn't let him keep the suit.
The two randoms with him in this photo seem really impressed though.

Climate change, don't knock it till you have tried it!

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