Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Live from Studio Five, 24th November 2009

The other boys traveled up to London to meet Eggys and me at Sky New, Where they film Live from Studio Five. Adam met One of Jedwood.

We were going to be on live TV so we got to have some TV make up, which is different from normal make up so it's ok for men to put on.

It has to be cause Mike Balls was having some put on and he was loving it.

We did "everybody is a DJ" and no one swore. Ian Wright was well safe and his two mates were alright too.

Grayham tried to take home Harry Hills cuddly toy.

They gave us a load of pizza and some beer and we got back in the sunshine bus and back on the M4. Mission accomplished.

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  1. Good photos. I follow you guys here in Machynlleth, Annette x


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