Monday, 31 May 2010

Plymouth Volksfest 28th May 2010

We were on our way to Plymouth for the Volksfest .
We stopped of the services in Exeter to pick up supplies.

We got to the festival site nice and early.
It was a nice day so we went to see what was going on.

Adam decided , well we forced him, to have a go on the "sloshy, sloshy puke machine".

He made sex noises every time he went upside down. It was very fun.

He wasn't sick but he didn't enjoy it at all.
The we found a more gentle type of fun ride but they wouldn't let us on cause we were too old.

But that didn't stop Adam enjoying the toys that were meant for the kids.

It was a Volkswagon festival, but we only saw one Beetle.

There was a smart looking mk1 golf, Adam really like it too.

Then we all got together to have some food.

It was from a stall selling Welsh foods owned by a dude called Brian.

When we were done with the food Dipper Nan found the free bar.
I have never seen him so happy.

These two dudes interviewed us for the official DVD for the festival.

Then Maggot started making friends.

We got ready to go on. Dreadzone were on before us and they got the crowd blazing hot. They were awesome.

Then we took to the stage.

It went right off.

We got a proper sweat on.

Then it was off to the free bar.

We got a big thumbs up from everyone.


1 comment:

  1. Safe as fuck.

    Great show guys. I have seen you a few times but this was the best.

    I was the twat in the robot suit at the back by the way. :D


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