Monday, 31 May 2010

Sunset Festival Wirral 29th May 2010

Woke up on the Wirral and it had rained. Then it rained again.

To make up for it, the festival organizers gave us a bottle of Disaronno Amaretto, it tastes like marzipan but goes down real smooth.

We stayed in the bus as we were parked miles away from the festival site cause it was too muddy and we couldn't get the bus down there.
About half an hour before we were going to play, it suddenly brightened up long enough for us to have a kick about.
We were parked at the house of the guy who owned all the land around there and he had some goal posts and loads of footballs out side his place.

Adam and Greyham were well up for it today.

This was our tent.

This was the crowd, we did some new songs and I think they liked them.

After, we got a lift back to our bus.

Then we got cleaned up and headed back down to the festival site to check out the punters and the food stalls.

We were given meal tickets for any of the stalls but they all only served burger and chips.
Greyham was well happy with that though.
So was Adam.

We met some of the people who had already had their burgers.

Then we walked back through the crowd to the bus.

Everyone was impressed by the quality of the chips that were on sale.

We got back to the bus and got moving cause we had to get the our next destination, on the way we made a quick stop.

There was something for everyone, Adam was happy.

Mike was happy.

And Mysti was in heaven.

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