Saturday, 24 July 2010

Wickerman festival 23rd July 2010

We all met up late on Thursday night to get on the bus.
Big G had brought his famous biscuits as a treat, they have a secret ingredient.

So after much fun and high jinx on the 10 hour bus journey, we woke up at the festival site.

Mike was less than happy to have woken up seeing as how he had only had about 20 minutes sleep.

Everyone was hungry so I went to the catering tent and met this lovely ladie called sally. She agreed to cook us all some breakfast.

And breakfast was what we had. It was the breakfast of kings.

After we sat out in the beautiful Scottish sunshine.

Then we found some time to have a game of cricket.

This is the 70's dressing room we had, it was like being in a shit sit com, but we loved it.

We did some interviews, one with this nutter.

By now maggot was at the crease.

Some more people came to talk to us.

We were playing at 5 o'clock so I went back to the bus at 4 to wake Mysti up. He had hit it hard the night before and it showed.

We all got ready to do the gig, Big G was ready first.

Grayham had some wicked style on the go.

Then we were ready.

The crowd were well up for it.

But after all it was Scotland, and the Scottish like to party.

The gig went over very well and by the end of it Mike balls had turned into a small child. Maggot od Mike could be the new Krankies.

Adam had brought a box of toys with him.

And blasted Grayham full in the face at point blank range with his super soaker.

Later me Adam and Mysti decided we needed a bit more excitement in our lives, so we had a go on the sledges of death.

Basically you sit on some plastic and then do 30 miles an hour down a hill with you legs stretched out in front of you.

Adam was loving it.

We went back to see Sally about some dinner and she did us proud.

The excitement had been all too much for Mysti and he turned purple and went to bed at 8 o'clock.

I went to watch Teenage Fanclub and the boys partied on into the night.

We got on the bus at some point and it arrived back home about 9 in the morning.
Grayham was in bits.

Good times.

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