Sunday, 25 July 2010

Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Filming for Channel 4

Eggsy and me went to Stoke Mandeville Stadium to film part of a show channel 4 are making about the 2012 Paralympics.
We were very lucky indeed and we were looking forward to a great day of sport.

We met up with some top athletes and were split into two teams.
On Eggsy's team was Olympic sprinter Jeanette Kwakye and bronze medal Paralympic sprinter Ian Jones.

I had Gold medal Paralympic swimmer Liz Johnson and the man himself Tony Jarrett who has won a bunch of medals including gold 110m hurdles at the Commonwealth games in 98.
I thought my team were strong and we had a good chance to whip Eggsy's team's ass.

First up it was sitting volleyball. This is our instructor sitting volleyball ace Emma Wiggs, she had a black eye from playing last week so we were slightly scared.

We got into it as Emma explained the basics.

Eggsy was getting right into it.

Then we split into our teams, I was quietly confident that we would kick ass and win.

You will have to wait and see who the winners were when the show is on TV in August.

Next up was Boccia which is a bit like Bowls crossed with the French game Petanque but you play with a mini football that's soft so it doesn't bounce.

This is our Boccia instructor Dave Smith. He was world number one at Boccia so we had the best teacher. He is a dude.

We entered the arena of conflict.

Eggsy and his team tried to master the game. Boccia is serious and involves skill and a strong mental and tactical ability. I thought my team again had a strong chance of going for the win.

You will have to watch the show to see who got the victory. After we had battled it out at Boccia we moved on to something more deadly.

But first we had to put on special protection.

This is Eggsy with Adrian Derbyshire. He is the a gold medalist and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He took us through the basics and tried to convince me it was safe.

Then the games began. Eggsy has always wanted to fence since he was about 4 so this was his big chance to shine, he took on Liz.

Then it was me, I was up against Jeanette and she scared me a bit. She is very competitive and said she would cut my head off.
In the end she didn't hurt me too bad, she is a big softy really.

Then we were done, all to soon. I would love to go back and just hang out at Stoke Mandeville it is a great place and the canteen had some reasonably priced snacks too.

I can't wait to watch the 2012 Paralympics........on TV of course.


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